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Doors and Windows to the election in order to better noise control

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-04-06
  In modern life, people\'s increasing demand for housing, and if your noise pollution or higher requirements on the indoor environment, you will need to pay attention to low frequency sound insulation of doors and Windows and lowest acoustic frequencies of sound insulation, Windows how to choose in order to prevent noise pollution? Small series to introduce to you the following.

  Window insulation as compared with ordinary doors and Windows from the selection process is different, high sound insulation sound-proof glass for Windows, sealing materials, profiles, I repeated testing and inspection can be stereotyped, manufacturers should have and the production of window insulation performance and, if necessary, to visit each other\'s works.

  In order to make your living environment after replacement of window insulation is obvious, although there are different roads but the road grade, road traffic noise in urban and suburban areas of the city have made a big difference, such as the four outside the loop selection window insulation of large trucks to be considered noise pollution, through trial and to resolve the low frequency sound insulation not less than 29dB noise insulated Windows. Sound-proof window glass structure should not be a single model, depending on the frequency of the noise source feature soundproof Windows. Guaranteed window insulation sound insulation properties to meet governance requirements.

  1, the suitability of the doors and Windows to buy

  Now most home used aluminum doors and Windows, aluminum Windows and doors on the market a wide range of others. The majority of the people has no in-depth study on doors and Windows, and attention to appearance than its performance at time of purchase, selection is not rigorous enough, bring many problems for subsequent use. The selection of aluminum alloy doors and Windows is a science, from the aluminum door frame, window fittings, be aware. Aluminum door frame choice is to learn more about Windows and doors manufacturer\'s reputation, product, reputation, because aluminum quality will directly affect the insulation of Windows and doors.

  On the choice of accessories, to select good quality sound insulation Strip, there are lots of sound insulation Strip type, when purchasing Windows and doors, people need to know about its noise performance and its durability. Focus is the choice of Windows, Windows on the market from more than 100 to more than more than 1000 has more than more than 100 Windows, of course, no sound insulation to ensure, not the more expensive the better. People want a better soundproofing, the best situation, like a high floor of the public can choose the hollow glass or laminated glass; if in the lower floors, I used to be the noise, you can select the best vacuum glass and sound insulation for compound triple-layer insulation glass.

  2, aging degree of doors, Windows and accessories

  A lot of people complained that their home five years or ten years or so the doors and Windows, sound insulation than before. Most of the people in the process of using aluminum alloy doors and Windows, do not pay attention to doors and Windows maintenance, some parts aging, also found no change in time, so that led to the above problem. If we periodically check the doors and Windows Accessories, to replace the aging parts, as well as regular maintenance, you can extend the service life of parts and solve the problem of poor soundproofing.
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