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Eight factors affecting the smoothness of glass bottles

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2019-01-18

After the glass bottle is produced and formed, sometimes the bottle body will have many spots of wrinkles, bubble scratches, etc., which are caused by the following reasons:


1. When the glass blank falls into the initial mold, it can not enter the initial mold accurately, and the friction with the mold wall is too large to form a fold. After the blow is blown, the wrinkles spread and enlarge, forming wrinkles in the glass bottle body.

2. The scissors of the upper feeder are too large. After the individual glass bottles are formed, the scissors appear in the bottle.

3, the glass bottle initial mold and molding material is poor, the density is not enough, the oxidation is too fast after high temperature, forming small pits on the surface of the mold, resulting in the surface of the glass bottle is not smooth after molding.

4,glassPoor quality of the bottle mold oil will make the mold lubrication insufficient, the dropping speed will decrease, and the material type will change too fast.

5. The design of the initial mold is unreasonable. The cavity is large or small. After the material is dropped into the molding die, the diffusion is uneven, which will cause spots on the glass bottle.

6, machine drip speed is not uniform, improper adjustment of the air nozzle will make the glass bottle initial mold and mold temperature uncoordinated, easy to create cold spots in the glass bottle body, directly affecting the smoothness.

7. The glass material in the kiln is not clean or the material temperature is not uniform. It will also cause bubbles, small particles and small hemp blanks in the produced glass bottles.

8. If the speed of the machine is too fast or slow, the glass bottle will be uneven, and the bottle wall will be thin and thick, resulting in spots.