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How to clean the Chinese New Year glass

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2019-01-16

Now close to the year, many people have already started cleaning. When cleaning, every household will clean every corner of the house, just to remove the bad luck this year and welcome the good luck next year. Although the meaning of cleaning is very good, it is very difficult to clean the top and bottom of the house. Especially when cleaning the glass, many people will find that the glass is not only difficult to wipe, but also easier to rub.

Was it too difficult to wipe the glass before? Pour something in the clear water and be as clean as an hour!

Glass believes that everyone has it at home, but it is not easy to wipe it clean, especially the glass on the side of the window. Most people can only wipe the side close to the room, and it is difficult to wipe it near the outdoor side. Even if you can wipe it, it is very difficult to clean the glass. Here is a trick to let you make your home glass look fresh in an hour.

1, glass window

Because the glass window is not very clean, it is very difficult to wipe it clean. When you clean the glass, you can first observe whether your own glass can be removed. If you can't, you can buy a rotatable glass brush. Rub it into the glass.

Before rubbing the glass, pour a little white vinegar into the water, then add baking soda and beer. White vinegar and soda can remove the stain on the glass, and the beer can give the glass a "protective film" to make the glass more polished. Not easy to accumulate.

float glass

2, glass door

It is very popular now that the bathroom is dry and wet, so there will be a glass door in the bathroom. Although the glass door looks good, it can be very troublesome to clean. To clean the glass door, pour a small amount of white vinegar into the water, then pour the water onto the glass door, and then use a newspaper to wipe the dirt.

tempered glass

3, the mirror

The mirror is also a difficult item to clean, so the mirror is easy to get dusty because of long-term use. It is also very simple to clean the mirror. You only need to prepare salt, white vinegar and beer. Mix the white vinegar and salt into the watering can, then spray a little on the dirt in the mirror, then wipe it with a newspaper and apply a little beer on it, so the mirror is not easy to get dirty.

Wipe during Chinese New YearglassAdding these things to the water not only saves time and effort, but also wipes the glass very clean, and the glass can be restored as clean as one hour!