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Introduction to art glass of car carving

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-12-08
The car carved glass is through the vehicle carving tool, the glass engraving, polishing, so that the glass surface produced a crystal clear solid lines, constitute a concise and crisp modern picture.
InArt GlassThe classification of the car carving process is compared with the new art glass technology. Due to its advantages of mass production, the application range is greatly expanded, from the application of the moving door glass to the background wall glass. Since the shape of the grinding wheel can be changed, the engraving glass can also evolve many stripes with different shapes. The following on this process for everyone to do a more detailed science.
Car carving process is also through the continuous process of evolution. Early car carving process is a small manual engraving machine carved lines, its accuracy and volume of the process and equipment constraints, can not achieve the ideal shape, so the early application of the car engraved glass is not too wide. Its shape is dominated by a short straight line, which is more of the auxiliary existence of some process. With the evolution of the process, there appeared a machine-type version of the car engraved glass, the principle of the car carved glass is the half manual operation of the knife in the control of the template, on the glass surface of the car to carve out the necessary lines and shapes. To this step, the car carved glass can be achieved in bulk sizing production. However, there is a great drawback, if the size of a slight change, even if the same pattern, it must be redesigned, the waste of glass supplies is larger, and the processing cycle has been extended.
The actual realization of the vehicle engraved glass is entered into the numerical control era. With the popularization of CNC machine tools and price reduction, through continuous technical improvements, CNC engraving equipment finally appeared. The principle is not complex, is a modified version of the CNC lathe, can realize the pattern and size of the timely editing and production, do not need additional tools supplies, basic can be achieved instant editing, timely production. Thus greatly speeding up the popularity of the car engraved glass, but also has the convenience of pictorial editing. As long as it is not too complex curve straight line, even the circle can do a perfect processing, so that the product style has been expanded diversity. Many of the intricate car-engraved glass designs in front of us are automatically machined by this CNC engraving machine. Some of the craft of the car engraved glass is also supplemented with glass paint spray, or other craft embellishment, appears very high-end.
The development of the engraving glass of the car to go to the CNC engraving machine This step is basically to achieve a complete volume production and automation. But even so, there is still room to carve the glass, or there is still a task that can't be done. One of the biggest problems is the different depth with the line of the car carved, can not be like sandblasting in the same line on the different depth of the carving, unable to achieve the most perfect carving effect, this is the car engraved glass has been unable to replace the basic cause of sandblasting glass. Therefore, we should objectively look at the new process and the old technology contrast, often a high-end fine art glass is by the new and old technology together, not only the adoption of new technology.
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