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Environmental protection storm - Do not rush to kill the company - we need to guide the implementati

Fanyu 2018-05-08 14:12:05
The environmental protection revolution struck, private companies and private enterprises are miserable!
Twenty years ago, business owners took a lot of painstaking efforts to learn technology from abroad and introduced technology. At that time, there was no single standard for them and how to protect the environment. In this process, they constantly explored on their own and continuously developed environmentally friendly products to give people a sense of environmental protection.
The employees of state-owned enterprises were laid off in large numbers, and business owners accepted the employment and livelihood of a large number of laid-off workers. The taxes and fees are higher than in foreign countries. Business owners are satisfied with their food, and they have to work hard to create a factory. The original government was smiling and the people’s livelihood tax was on them.
Today, only one order was discontinued. In the overall situation, business owners all understand, but who has previously led the regulation of environmental protection? Standard details? Has anyone helped to implement it? Enterprises need to cooperate with survival. Is there a sky-high cost for environmental protection equipment and documents? The cost of equipment for a plant is generally known. Is the cost of environmental equipment expensive?
Worried that tomorrow, there is no money to pay workers, worry about the quality of products is not good, worry that no orders tomorrow can not raise workers, now worry about law enforcement cars and drones outside the factory, worry about the "three light" policy: light fine, light catching people, light paste Seals! Because there are many business owners they do not know the details of the specification, no one guides without detailed rules.
The wind is bleak and the heart is scared. The eyes of tens, hundreds, even thousands, or thousands of employees in the factory are frightened: They are afraid of unemployment, they need to raise wages to support their families, they have land in their homes, they want to farm, they don't even have enough land. Two points, why do you support your family? Promote urbanization and respond. They need employment. Where do they go in the future?
Of course, unscrupulous factories and businesses need to be cleared up. There is no denying that. What about the standard? Is someone guiding? The current economic recession, thin profits, and even no profits, the bosses have to support, because the workers accompany them through the Great Depression, the rainy weather, the Communist Party’s suppliers are also scared.
Far East can crush! Diaoyu Islands can be shelved! South China Sea can discuss! Can only their own people not be able to guide and help? Public funds eat and drink hundreds of billions; exempt hundreds of billions of foreign debt; host hundreds of billions of events; corrupt officials run hundreds of billions of dollars away from business owners relying on their own wisdom and diligent hands, and honestly creating a living requires employees to rely on livelihoods and responsibilities! Who can give them the direction of advancement? Who can give them guidance and reliance on living? They are more passionate about their country. They are willing to lead their employees to make a fortune. Many of them pay taxes to make the country prosperous and strong. They have a bad business and they are willing to pay a lot of tax. They need a good environment to rest and live. They are not enemies. What they need is to guide rectification and implementation!