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What is horizontal tempering

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-05-04
The horizontal tempering method is a method in which the entire process of conveying, heating, forming, quenching, and the like of the glass is completed under the condition that the glass is completely in the horizontal state. Since the forming process of the horizontal tempering can bend the glass, the horizontal tempering method can produce flat tempered glass, single-curved tempered glass, double-curved tempered glass, and double-folded panel tempered glass. Each step of the horizontal tempering method is performed on a horizontal roller table in which the heating furnace and the cooling device can be reciprocated. The cooling device of the horizontal tempering method is also a wind grate, and the jetting method thereof includes a nozzle type, a spray hole type, and a slit type. The upper air grille consists of steel frame, air grille lifting device, air grille, compressed air pipe and other components. The structure and number of the lower air grille are the same as those of the upper air grille, but the nozzles of the air grille are installed at the upper end of the air grille, and the guide plate is not installed between each support air grate, leaving a certain gap so that the production process is occasionally Shattered cullet can fall through the gap into the broken glass conveyor below. The horizontal roller-type tempering furnace is the same as the vertical-hanging steel furnace and uses electric radiation heating. After several upgrades, continuous convection heating tempering furnaces, roller-air-cushion tempering furnaces, solid fluidized bed tempering furnaces, and the like that have higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, better product quality, and advanced technology have emerged in recent years. Die auto bending tempering furnace, gas tempering furnace and efficient double room tempering furnace and other equipment. Therefore, different horizontal tempering furnaces have different process parameters. The physical enhancement has the advantages of low cost, large output, high mechanical strength, and thermal shock resistance. However, there are certain requirements for the thickness and shape of the glass, and there is also a problem of glass deformation during the tempering process, which cannot be applied in a field where optical quality requirements are high. In addition, the physical tempered glass products can not be processed, cracks on the surface or edges may cause the glass to blew.
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