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Shower installation process

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-19
  Shower room installation how-to? shower glass is often used in physical methods of processing glass, glass after heating to the temperature suddenly cooled, tempered glass to change the Crystal structure of the glass, improves the surface hardness and impact resistance of glass, bending strength, more than 10 times higher than ordinary glass. Small series from the following 4 points below show you the entire installation process.

  Shower room installation processes: processes

  Preparation and basin at the end of installation and basin at the end of the installation must be carefully, testing the water testing is essential for a ring, if the product package is complete, open checks its configuration is complete. Prepare necessary tools put together for easy pick up. Next on the ready to install the bottom bowl, assemble tray parts, adjust the lower basin level, ensure that basin, pelvic floor without water. Hose with distance scale, the pelvic floor and floor drain securely packed the water testing is required to ensure smooth flow of water. In front of the House installation trays that have been installed will also be protected in a timely manner.

  Shower room installation process: process II

  Clear bathroom pipes to prevent explosive buried pipeline drilling. Determined against the wall with pencil and spirit level aluminium drill bit, drill holes. Shower room safety have important relations with formal installation, punch accuracy, fitting elastic properly, well sealed, and so affect the normal use of the product. Drill type rubber, Aluminum bars lock to the wall with screws. Need to install side while constantly adjusting to keep the aluminum vertical.

  Shower room installation procedure: procedure

  Fixed glass, glass clamp is locked in the pot at the end of the drilling Department, flat glass fall into the glass slot on the bottom of the glass or bent, slowly pushed against the wall and aluminum. Screwed again. Finished fixing the glass, and then find the appropriate location above the fixed glass drilling, loading (direct/oblique) fixed base and connect the pipe. Elbow sleeve should be fixed to the glass top. Test location install a rack, screw plate nut, fixed glass, vertical and horizontal. Note under the fixed glass aluminium waterproof. Install door hardware, door hinges mounted on the fixed reserved hole. Packed the adjusting shaft position of the Lotus leaf, close to feeling the best so far.

  Shower installation process as a whole four process four

  In accordance with the requirements on the glass side or below is installed or water-absorbing plastic. With silicone and aluminum walls, glass and tray dense stitching at the seams. Check whether the parts using the comfortable and smooth, found that the problem should be adjusted in a timely manner. After adjusting tighten the screws, and make more solid the entire shower room. With a rag and wipe the entire shower room.