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Glass futures price is strong in the short-term

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Https://www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-08-16
Market review: Glass main FG1901 contract closed at 1,464, up 22 yuan or 1.53%, turnover 403,366 lots, an increase of 243,084 lots, holding 248,706 lots, an increase of 58,450 hands.

Glass Composite Index: China Glass Composite Index is 1156.26, which is 1.68 or 0.15% lower than yesterday; China Glass Price Index is 1185.37, which is 1.54 or 0.13% lower than yesterday; China Glass Market Confidence Index is 1039.84, which is 2.25 or 0.22% lower than yesterday.
float glass

Spot market: The average price of domestic 5mm float glass is 1600.84 yuan / ton, up 1.84 yuan or 0.11%. The prices of heavy soda ash are: 1850.00 yuan/ton in North China, 1850.00 yuan/ton in South China, 2200.00 yuan/ton in East China, 1800.00 yuan/ton in Central China, 1900.00 yuan/ton in Southwest China, and ex-factory price of heavy oil. : Zhenhai Refining & Chemical is 3,100 yuan / ton, Fujian United Petrochemical is 4,530 yuan / ton, the ratio is flat; East China fuel oil market price is 3020 yuan / ton, the same as the ring; petroleum coke (3 #B) Dongming Petrochemical ex-factory price is 1640 Yuan/ton, the ratio was flat.

Production line and inventory:Float glassThe total number of production lines is 366, the total production capacity is 1.312 billion weight boxes; the number of production lines is 236, the production rate of production lines is 64.48%, the number of production lines starts to change by 0.00 from last week; the production line inventory is 31.61 million weight boxes, and the inventory changes by 14 million weight boxes from last week. .