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How to affix the glass window reflective film

Fanyu Https:// 2018-08-17 14:33:06
Glass is a widely used inorganic non-metallic material with a wide range of applications. It can be used in construction, daily use, art, instrumentation and other fields. In this article, we will introduce how to glaze reflective film, introduce the storage and use requirements of the reflective film, and especially how to tear off the bathroom window glass film.
window film

First, how to affix the glass window reflective film

The reflective logo of the body should be affixed to the surface of the body that is unobstructed, easy to see, smooth, continuous, and free of dust, water, stains, rust, and paint.

Before pasting, the dust on the surface to be pasted should be wiped clean. The parts with oil stains and stains should be removed with a soft cloth, degreased solvent or cleaning agent, and then dried and pasted. For the paint has been soft, powdered, rusted or warped. The part should be removed from the paint, sanded and rust-proofed, and then the body reflective logo.

Tongming Reflective Film is a kind of general-purpose reflective film product with high market share in the domestic market. Its use range is more and more extensive, and more friends will be interested in the basic common sense application in use. Therefore, Let me talk about it here for everyone to understand.

1. The use period of the bright reflective film, after the purchase, first understand the use period, it is recommended to use it within two years to cause unnecessary losses.

2, the general reflective film storage temperature is 18-26 degrees, storage humidity is 10% -60%. For the storage of bright reflective film is no exception.

3. It is recommended to place the bright reflective film in an environment of 18-26 degrees for 24 hours before being prepared for use, and then use it, the effect will be better.

4. For the same kind of products with different batch numbers produced by different batches in different periods, there may be slight color difference, so it is better to buy the same batch of products when used on a larger surface.

5. For large-area signage film, try to stick it from the vertical direction to reduce the number of times the bright reflective film material is connected.

6. Set all the color-matching bright reflective film materials at the same time. The continuous mark together can only use the same batch of materials.

7. Directional bright reflective film should pay attention to the same direction when filming, so as to avoid obvious difference in reflection degree;

8. Film substrate: It is recommended to use the correctly treated aluminum plate, stainless steel, glass steel plate as the film substrate, such as rubber, plastic, etc. The user must decide the application suitability of the bright reflective film used, and all the problems that arise. conceited.

9. Film temperature: When the surface temperature of the bottom plate is above 18 degrees, the film operation can be carried out. The suitable temperature is about 25

Second, how to separate the bathroom window glass film

First use a hair dryer to heat the place where there is a glass film. After the glass is heated, it can be directly torn off. If there is a glue watermark on it, it can be wiped off with a hot towel dampened with detergent. It can also be removed by the following method:

1. Use soap and a little mixture of ammonia and turpentine to remove any dirt from the glass.

2, repeated sticky and tear with sticky sticky glue, you can remove some of the surface.

3. Use a little bit of soaked water to wipe it off, or use paint thinner.

4, can be blown dry with a hair dryer, and then gently scrape it.

5. Wipe with a cotton swab and wash the nail water.

6, wind oil fine wipe.

7. Use special detergent or sports shoes to remove the stain.

Third, related concepts

3.1 Reflective film

Reflective film is made by a special processglassA novel reflective material formed by combining a reflective layer formed by microbeads with a polymer material such as PVC or PU. Applied to road traffic sign manufacturing.

3.2 Paste

The correct pronunciation of the word "paste" is "zhān tiē" (1) [Use sticky things to attach paper to other things (2); wet things are attached to other objects. Paste: A network term that refers to copying or cutting a piece of text or a piece of text into another location or another text.