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Glass how do wastewater treatment?

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-01-11
  Near paragraph days, environmental problem into has big problem, multiple field of industrial enterprise are was hits, due to air pollution is most directly can observation of, so everyone are only concern air pollution, but actually water pollution problem in China also highlight, glass as "heavy pollution" of a member, its sewage wastewater processing is is worth attention of a technology problem, so for these wastewater are has which processing process does? Small numbered from 6 to introduce the sewage treatment process.
  1, glass deep processing of pure water preparation technology
  Water quality of water to wash the glass deep processing requirements for conductivity is less than 8 μ s/cm water. System water use municipal water, through double filtration (multi media filters + activated carbon filter) preprocessed into reverse osmosis, water can be used in the washing, you can also increase the process of ion exchange resin in posterior segment to meet higher requirements of water.
  2, glass processing and ultra pure water preparation technology
  Coating line requirements of water quality for a poor conductor, the resistivity is greater than 16M ω • cm of water. Usually in UF (ultrafiltration) device, two-stage RO (reverse osmosis) apparatus, EDI (electrodeionization) device, polishing mix-bed process to obtain pure water, nitrogen shielding water tank and the outside air at the end touch.
  Online 3, turn the washing machine wastewater treatment and reuse technology
  Curved washer reverse rinsing water is usually a pure water, high water costs, online recovery process can be achieved by recycling water resources, reducing production costs. Through site modification of the curved washer, recovery process mainly physical filtration process, taking online operating conditions, using automatic control in constant pressure water supply and equipped with temperature compensation.
  4, glass processing technology of wastewater treatment and reuse
  Glass processing wastewater mainly comes from grinding and washing section, main pollutants and cleaning agent for glass powder. Sewage treatment machine water glass, through sedimentation, flotation, filtering process can achieve level reuse instead of tap water used for edge grinding and washing process, reuse rate is greater than 95%, operation cost is less than 0.5 Yuan/ton of water.
  5, glass grinding coolant treatment and reuse technology
  In the production of glass processing, milling process produces heat leads to temperature rises, there will be glasses for Burns and grinding wheel life lower, edging for too long, join the grinding wheel coolant can prevent and alleviate the above and can improve grinding efficiency, but more expensive for single use. The grinding coolant wastewater centralized treatment, by vertical flow sedimentation and hydrostatic filter processing, reuse system can recover 98% cooling fluid, improve the milling efficiency 30%, while reducing costs.
  6, coated frozen cooling water system
  Coated glassProduction lines in the production process will generate a lot of heat, and need to be cooled in a timely manner to ensure that the device is working. Cooling water process chilled system and cooling system. Chilled cooling water system there are three separate loops, cooled cathode, respectively the cooling plate bezel cathode power, cooling, and power cabinets. Cooling (water) are exchanged through the water pump, radiator, cooling down after cooling for use in coating line, external cooling (tap water) by setting up shop outside of the cooling tower to cool. Process design, used for all pumps constant pressure frequency conversion control technology make system stable and reliable operation.
  Of sewage wastewater treatment technology has long existed, but most of the consciousness of environmental protection has not kept up, would rather steal row is not willing to spend large sums of money into environmental protection and equipment purchase, but once when national attention to environmental protection, are often the first to suffer are those enterprises.