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Hot-melt glass how to clean?

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-01-12
  We know that the hot molten glass is the art of stereoscopic glasses. Also, very little online content on hot-melt glass, xiaobian under art glass cleaning method about fusing glass cleaner.
  In the modern fashion home, more or less you can find art glass shadow, some art glass walls, some art glass porch, some art glass sliding doors. Art of glass with its changing technology accounted for large shares of the home improvement market.
  In common art glass wall, relief accounted for a considerable part, either the lobby or family background. ArtGlassWith icing and strong color sense has no small exhibition space. As the years went by, relief art glass more or less some dirt. So we must be careful not to clean with a damp cloth to scrub, embossed art glass painted on the surface of the water has some corrosion. If water exists in glass depression for a long time, a long time can cause paint peeling.
  Art glass if there are stains on the surface, be careful not to use alcohol, thinner type of cleaning. Because alcohol and dilute the same corrosive effect on art glass surfaces of paint can cause discoloration, fading results.
  Art glass door sliding may occur after long-term use is not smooth feeling. This is due to prolonged stress leads to casters support SAG and bottom slide friction causes. Do not disassembly and the impact of violence. Please find professional adjustment or replacement casters.
  Three art glass is most often encountered in the use of questions. Hope I can give you some help.
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