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Glass price increase - are you afraid?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-07-09
  Since the beginning of the month, the overall trend of the glass spot market has been general. The production and sales of production companies have improved slightly, and some regional quotations have risen slightly to boost market confidence. However, the overall performance of the glass terminal consumer market is currently flat, and the enthusiasm of traders and processing companies for procurement has not improved significantly, and the market is also cautious. Judging from the change in production capacity, due to the impact of the previous price adjustment, some manufacturers in Northeast China accelerated their production capacity and have already ignited the kiln. Capacity in other regions has also continued to increase in the near future. In order to boost market confidence, production enterprises in East China and South China have recently prepared to hold regional coordination meetings, and some manufacturers have already increased their prices in advance.
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The trends in each region are as follows:
1. East China: Since the beginning of this week, the overall trend of the glass spot market in East China has been general. The production enterprises have mainly increased their outbound and returned funds, and the market has insufficient confidence. Some manufacturers held small-scale market coordination meetings, and quotations rose to boost market confidence. Judging from the recent market trends, terminal processing companies and traders have been responsive, and the procurement of glass is positive. A larger market coordination meeting in East China and North China will be held in Qinhuangdao on the 11th, when the coordination effect will increase. From the perspective of product flow, the number of glass entering the East China market in Hubei and Shahe areas has not diminished, and the amount of low-priced products hitting the East China market has increased, which has a greater impact on traders' market confidence.
2. South China: Since the beginning of the month, the overall trend of the glass spot market in South China has been acceptable. The production enterprises have slightly improved their outflows, and some manufacturers' stocks have declined. After completing the semi-annual financial statement data, some listed companies began to plan to raise prices to boost market confidence. The South China Regional Market Coordination Meeting, which was delayed in the early stage, is scheduled to be held next week. At present, some manufacturers have already quoted a small increase, and there is still a certain price increase plan in the later stage. In contrast, traders and processing companies are flat, and there is no sign of positively increasing purchases.
3. North China: The overall trend of the glass market in North China is flat this week. The output of the production enterprises has increased slightly, and the promotion discounts of manufacturers have increased. Recently, in order to increase the speed of delivery, some Shahe manufacturers have reduced their previous stocks as soon as possible, and increased the preferential margin and intensity, especially for large and thick stocks.glassMore offers. From the sales area, the operating rate of local deep processing enterprises is not satisfactory, which affects the consumption of glass. Most of the glass is sold to areas such as Jinjingyu and Luyuyu. After the cold repair in the early stage, the production line of the ignition resumption project plans to lead the board in the near future to produce white glass for construction. In the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the recent outbound shipments of the factory are generally in progress. A 600-ton relocation production line in Dezhou, Shandong Province is scheduled to be ignited recently.