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Glazed Windows and you'll have a quiet home environment

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-07

With the development of society and the pace of life is speeding up, everyone's job, home life is filled with all kinds of noise, after busy working every day hoping to have a nice quiet home environment. But all that real life aunt community square dance, so more and more people are using soundproof glass in the home renovation to achieve this aspiration, but our understanding of sound-proof glass was not comprehensive enough, then glazed with small prepared to share applications and purchasing considerations.
  First, what is glazed
  Soundproof glass is a kind of voice to shielding or weakening the role of glass products, by double-layer or layers special processing the same glass of different thickness of insulation layer, soundproof glass use PVB film is formed at high temperature and high pressure solid adhesive or aluminum bulkhead of the sound insulation between the filled desiccants, edge formed by the sealing glue.
  Second, the use of glazed
  1, lower noise
  Soundproof glass is the most important direct role to reduce noise, effectively reducing the resonance of sound, prevent the transmission of sound, create a quiet home environment.
  2, block UV rays
  Soundproof glass blocks 99% from the Sun's ultraviolet rays harmful to human skin, and can effectively prevent the furniture from fading and deterioration.
  3, dustproof and waterproof
  Good seal the dust, dust from entering the room, even the tiny dust cannot penetrate effectively protect appliances furniture from damage, and can also reduce the cleaning.
  Even before the first window with water infiltration, good secret is enough to make you sit back and relax.
  Three, the purchase considerations
  1, material selection
  Soundproof glass window glass is divided into ordinary glass,Insulating glass, Double layer of insulating glass and vacuum glass, this noise of vacuum glass in several glass works best, because vacuum glass is to separate the two pieces of glass, also took time out to the middle of the air, the vacuum is formed between the glass layers, so no matter what kind of noise does not spread into the room through the glass.
  Smaller noise insulating glass can only isolate high-frequency or energy, low frequency or energy a large noise, noise effect is not very good.
  Multi-layer insulation of the insulating glass, but security is high, and not easily broken.
  Soundproof windows in the home renovation should be selected according to the living environment. More than say 20-storey floors and there is no train, tractor-trailer, consider choosing a hollow glass or laminated glass. Low floor near the road or near the viaduct and surrounding low frequency noise sources, then consider using a vacuum glass, so as to solve the noise problem.
  2, seal selection
  Refers to the Windows integrity seal, including the glass and the sealing of the border. After you close the window border and frame seals and sealing Windows and walls after you install, which together affect the sealing performance of Windows.
  Determines how Windows seal is seal, currently on the market there are two main seal, one wool seal, the other is a rubber seal.
  Wool seal and rubber seal has disadvantages, easy hair removal after the wool seal with long, greatly reduces the sealing effect, rubber sealed through heat and rain easily harden after aging, also reduce the sealing effect.
  3, frame selection
  Consider from sound insulation, aluminum alloy and plastic Windows are good, aluminum alloy Windows installation is easy, affordable, widely used, when but a common type aluminum Windows-driven sound, fast and thermal conductivity. In use for a long time after sealing will gradually reduce, late effects, new aluminum alloy window can make up for these shortcomings.
  4, quality selection
  Materials: including aluminum, glass, hardware, consistent color, metal parts Assembly is complete.
  Processing: high quality aluminum Windows, fine processing, smooth tangent, point (main frame is usually a 45 degree or 90 degree), there should not be any obvious gap in the stitching process, switching smoothly.
  Glass: hollow glass, any coating, coated composite membrane General corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high gloss.
  Size: viewing window dimensions are correct.