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How to guarantee the quality of insulating glass production

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-06

Insulating glass manufacturers to improve the quality of the insulating glass, in addition to the advanced equipment of insulating glass to control the process, efficient production, if we ignore the following safeguards to produce qualified insulated glass to get market recognition is out of the question. So in the process of production of hollow glass, 5 control measures strictly.
  (1) reduce production time
  Desiccant minimizing contact with the atmosphere of the time, reducing the adsorption loss and give the desiccant has a high adsorption capacity.
  (2) strictly controlled production environment temperature
  Main influence capacity and residual adsorption capacity of the production environment.
  (3) select the appropriate aluminium insulation
  The pore gas seams should be small, reducing the water absorption of zeolite during the operation.
  (4) select suitable desiccant
  To select the desiccant adsorption rate is relatively high and persistent.
  (5) water through the spread of polymers
  Rely mainly on select sealant of low permeability coefficients, determine a reasonable thickness of seal, reducing the temperature difference between inside and outside of the insulated glass (that is controlled in a certain temperature range temperature range of production and not so great).
  These measures through choice of materials, processing, control of all aspects of the environment, control of insulating glass, the quality will be greatly.
  ProfessionalInsulating glassThe production equipment, strict management, scientific process and quality control measures for the production of insulating glass, is a prerequisite for improving the quality of insulating glass.