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How to buy quality glass partition?

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-07

Glass partition, also known as glass curtain walls, stainless steel partition. Main role is with glass walls to divide the space according to demand, more reasonable use of space to meet a variety of home and Office use. Glass partition walls are often usedTempered glassWith resistance to wind pressure, cold, advantages of impact, so safe, solid-solid and durable, and glass shattered after damage to the human body is much smaller than ordinary glass. There are three types of materials: single double and art glass. Of course all done according to customer demand. Partition project of high quality should be good lighting, soundproof fire, environmental protection, easy installation and glass can be reused.

Glass partition not only in the workplace becoming more and more popular, but also in home improvement by more and more young people of all ages, this is mainly due to the glass partition not just lighting the advantages, but also lit, spacious and stylish effect. Glass partition becomes a new decoration of bright spot.

First is the main material selection of glass, glass is a glass wall, and now can be used as a glass partition of glass with colored glass, frosted glass, cracked glass, printed glass, sandblasted glass partition, hot bending glass partition and so on, we can have more choices to suit your preferences.

Followed by a border of select, border material is stainless steel glass and aluminum-magnesium alloy glass partition, current selection in home decoration of aluminum-magnesium alloy relatively, of course we can also choose other material according to customer demand.

Office glass partition usually have a specialty glass company completed a comprehensive site survey, design, production and installation, Office glass partition but what are components? What materials are needed, the owner and clearly. Glass installation and support which materials need to be prepared?

1. hardware accessories: includes door handles, hinges, locks, springs, push hands, path, door stopper of pulleys and so on.

2. frame material: aluminum-magnesium alloys, aluminum alloys, aluminum, stainless steel, wood is glass frame commonly used materials such as steel.

3. wall material: includes tempered glass curtain wall, double glass, single-layer glass, shutters, automatic doors, wallpaper, foil paper, non-woven cloth.

4. sealing material: glass partition should be used for construction of the sealing rubber combined with waterproof sealants will seal cracks.

When I purchase glass partition must spend some time on, from a different perspective to weigh the product so that we can be satisfied with the purchase.