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The advantages of glass doors

fanyumaoyi 2017-01-12 09:53:16
  Advantage of wind of the glass doors in the winter but not light, or simply light. But apart from this accident, people are very concerned about whether it's warm.

  Right now most of the population lived in the installation of a single layer of ordinary glass windows of houses, easy, ordinary glass door cheap, decoration, but did not achieve very good insulation, can also cause a waste of energy.

  Experts pointed out that during winter and summer heating or cooling of about 30% of energy is not stored in an indoor, but through a door, window, walls lost to the outside. If tenants choose double-layer hollow glass in decoration, its insulating effect as compared with ordinary glass will have improved significantly. Double glazing prevents heat conduction, which can withstand the bitter cold and scorching heat outside the House and preventing energy loss in the House. Ideal energy-saving glass has a double insulation of the insulating coating glass, thickness up to 12 mm, so that the glass can maintain good indoor temperature.

  In addition, in the winter and summer seasons, due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, double-glazed room is more comfortable than using single layer glass Windows. Assumed outdoor temperature for-10 ℃, indoor temperature for 20 ℃, in surface temperature improve to 10 ℃ used single layer Windows Shi, glass surface temperature for 1 ℃, due to Windows temperature and human temperature difference is far, dang human near Windows Shi, will will large absorption human radiation hot, natural will produced not comfortable of feel, and in used double glass Shi, window glass within, and human of temperature on greatly reduced has. Because setting the two-storyInsulating glass, Wall and door and window combination will be more closely, you can block outdoor noise and dust outdoors, noise reduction, green environmental protection, but also conducive to the health of occupants. Would also like to remind consumers that if you buy fabric thick curtain as decoration of the houses, thermal insulation effect will be better.
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