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The birth of Glassware: manual completion of several 10 processes

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2017-12-22
Goblet, candlestick, cutlery, vase, the glassware is readily available. local time December 20, reporters walked into the "China Glassware Capital" Shanxi Qi County, to explore the whole process of glassware manufacturing.
In Shanxi Qi County Red Sea Glass Co., Ltd. Electric furnace factory, dozens of workers kept busy. In the furnace, quartz sand, borax and other materials in more than 1300 degrees of high-temperature melting into glass, workers with a length of 1.5 meters of steel pipe from the furnace mouth pick material. At the bottom of the steel pipe to pick a little glass liquid, mouth to the top of the steel pipe evenly blowing, hands constantly rotating steel pipe. Soon the fiery glass became transparent.
Blowing system requires workers at least years basic skills, smaller cups, (blowing) all processes down is two to three minutes.
On the first blown glass two times to pick the material, and put on the mold blow molding. In a mixture of natural gas and oxygen, the flame is baked, and a slender glass is drawn with a pair of pliers. Then, pinch the bottom of the glass with a flat cup. After the cooling of the 400-degree annealing kiln, the baking mouth for the cup. A transparent goblet is made.
Transparent glass in the factory can only be counted as semi-finished products. In these semi-finished products, artificial also make decals, coincidence, engraving, High-temperature Express, carved, painted, sandblasting, heap glaze, spray color and many other processes. After each process completed West Qi County Red Sea Glass Co., Ltd. staff have to bake high temperature to ensure its color and brightness, the final finished product can be released.
When the worker depicts the liquid gold in the cup evenly (color), which is the most important, in the bottle to engrave the glass deeply, carved a variety of patterns, and after polishing. This process requirements are very strict, once the cup put on the machine, carelessly the whole cup on the touch of damage, it became defective.
According to the introduction, the most complex finished glassware requires more than 60 processes, all by manual completion. As long as there is a flaw in the process, the whole vessel is defective and the defective rate is about 90%. Shanxi Qi County Glassware production accounted for about 45% of the production of handmade glassware in China. Its unique technology, innovative modeling, products are sold all over the world.
   GlassWare is the traditional industry of Qi County, has been developed for more than more than 100 years of history, originated in the early Republic of China, at present, we have 43 household glassware production enterprises, the annual production value is 2.6 billion yuan (RMB). Our products are mainly exported to European and American countries, 50% in the United States, 30% in Europe.