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Winter clear windscreen 4 tips

fanyumaoyi 2016-12-05 13:05:36

Why does Windows freezes?
Each Xia snow Hou of second days, car glass Shang almost will knot a layer ice, reasons is: Dang people left car Hou, car within of heat, makes snow fell in glass Shang Shi is first melting, in snow melting of process in the, car within temperature gradually reduced to and car outside temperature same of when, glass Shang melting of snow began freezes, freezes Hou again fell Shang of snow on no longer melting has, like quilt as cover in ice surface Shang.
Faced with this situation, most of the owners would get the car going, blowing hot air blowing on the windshield, hot air blowing of ice on the windshield, then brush wiper. This approach takes a long time, if you try so hard to work too late.
At this time, you can use the following methods to remove windshieldGlassOn the ice:
  Method 1: physical de-icing
Can prepare a plastic blade and, of course, also available special glass ice scoop, glass ice shovel more convenient, fast, and not frozen. When there is snow and ice on the glass, use a plastic scraper or glass Frost to eradication. But experts advise owners, except when ice and snow, to prevent scratching the glass, plastic or glass Frost scraper shovel scraping back and forth not should be pushing in the same direction.
  Method 2: chemical deicing
Currently on the market have a spray to remove ice and snow agent, it is designed for frozen window and wiper speed of thawing ice spray concentrate, does not damage the body surface to prevent icing or make dirty again.
  Method 3: keep the interior temperature outside the car
Experts suggest the owner, a day after the car, do not lock the car and leave immediately, but will open doors and ventilation, waiting for the temperature is reduced to a car outside when the temperature is almost (probably is a minute), and then turn on the power, wipers windshield snow brush; this time, close the door, lock the car. The next morning, just cleaning the windshield of snow, snow no ice below, can drive right away.
  Method 4: the most practical and proactive method
Windshield partner sales currently on the market, it is produced by the national eco-friendly materials, massive headwind and low temperature-resistant, frost-resistance and snow on both sides, just a light cover, gently opening in the morning, can be folded in a bag.