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How to prevent light pollution in building glass curtain wall

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-10-30

Light is one of the indispensable physical factors for human existence. It appears in human life all the time, so it determines that the light pollution caused by it is everywhere. Here we mainly briefly describe the following pollution of visible light. The most common visible light pollution in the environment is glare pollution. Glare is a kind of excessive light radiation. Glare pollution can cause dizziness, hurt people's eyes, reduce vision, and even blindness.

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Light pollution of urban glass curtain wall

With the development of modern building technology, glass curtain walls have become a symbol of modern architecture. It is reported that the "glass curtain wall" is a long-standing but controversial new technology in China's development speed is amazing, according to incomplete statistics, the country's existing glass curtain wall area has exceeded 9 million m2 and continues to grow. In the past ten years, there have been no fewer than 240 high-rise buildings using glass curtain walls in the newly built high-rise buildings in Shanghai. This kind of one-sided pursuit of the beautiful appearance of the building and neglecting the ecological negative effects such as light pollution should attract people's attention. The experts concerned regard the main carrier glass curtain wall of urban light pollution as "urban hidden danger" and "bright killer". This is by no means an alarmist.

The building is used as a decorative glass curtain wall, like a large mirror with a surface of tens or even hundreds of square meters. This wall has a particularly high reflection coefficient of light. Generally, the white painted wall is 69-80%, and the glass curtain wall is as high as 82. ~90%, 10 times larger than the reflection coefficient of ordinary dark or matte masonry wall. People living in this kind of glare environment for too long will damage the cornea and iris, causing vision loss. In severe cases, people may feel dizzy, insomnia, loss of appetite and so on. Moreover, the reflection of the glass curtain wall of Linma Road will make the driver of the passing vehicle feel dazzled and easily cause traffic accidents.

SomeglassThe curtain wall itself lurks with fire hazards, and the various glass curtain walls designed to pursue the beauty of the style are undoubtedly "fueling the fire", especially the concave buildings, whose glass curtain walls are objectively A giant concentrating mirror is formed. Imagine that such a large concave lens is erected on the street, and the heat generated by the concentrated sunlight is unpredictable. In Berlin, Germany, a fire caused by the focus of the glass curtain wall occurred. This warns people not to simply pursue aesthetics and ignore the harm they may bring.

The harm of light pollution to the human body is also manifested in the strong light generated during the process of burning, smelting and welding. The strong light emitted by burning glass will bring harm to the human body and the visual, especially the car driving on the road suddenly lights up. The dazzling light source such as the headlights, the flashing signal lights, and the airport's light marks are more harmful to the visual. Very strong light is very irritating to the eyes, and some people may even have blind spots or cataracts. Therefore, we must always pay attention to these strong light pollution, away from the source of strong light pollution, and work in the strong light environment must take protective measures to minimize the damage caused by strong light pollution to a very low level.

Governing glass curtain wall building reflection

The glass curtain wall of the building is directly related to the time and angle of sunlight. Many buildings are decorated with glass curtain walls for fashion and beauty. Designers must pay attention to the fact that the houses in the southeast are strong and the glass curtain wall should be reduced or avoided. To decorate, and the house in the north is weaker and shorter, it is better to install the glass curtain wall. In order to prevent the reflection of the glass curtain wall, the experts proposed:

1. The material should be made of rough material such as frosted glass instead of full reflective glass.

2. Pay attention to the angle of installation of the glass curtain wall, and try not to use the glass curtain wall in the concave and inclined buildings.

3. Double-glazed glass can be installed in the glass curtain wall, and black light-absorbing material is attached to the inner glass, so that the light can be absorbed in a large amount, and the reflected light is prevented from affecting the public.