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Laminated glass quality problems often appear after

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-01-13
Due to the laminated glass is glass plate multilayer vacuum hot-pressing to complete the production process, glass pieces, will appear after exploding phenomenon, some glass appear poor, also has the edge in radians mixed bubble inclusions, curled or mixed, and so on. These phenomena seriously affects the quality of the laminated glass. These burst phenomena there are several main reasons:

1, glass, laminated glass after the Middle adhesive layer, because under the action of stress, causes the glass itself;

Glass bonding layer in the middle of the 2, stress, mainly due to the outer glass and pieces of glass in the film, arc placed is not consistent, which resulted in two pieces of glass produced in the process of dissection problems caused by explosion;

3 the glass during the bending process, if cooling too quickly, will make the glass gradient causing new stress, causes self-exposure;

4, if the autoclave cooling too fast can also cause glass breakage phenomenon;

5, glass heat bending, in order to facilitate increased force of glass forming, uneven stress also makes the glass breakage;

6, in the glass into the autoclave time, if direct contact glass metal clip, or the edge too aggressively, will easily make glass breakage;

7, after the glass exploding phenomenon, at the time of installation will occur under the action of external forces. For example, the curvature of the glass with the arc of the installation location does not match the glass by a force to make the installation more, in use after a period of time, cracking phenomenon can also occur.

Prevention measures and energy efficiency analysis of laminated glass exposes

In order to effectively prevent glass exposes, and from the point of view of energy efficiency, in order to prevent self-exposure of laminated glass, and timely to again there is a glass of bubbles and air recycling, save resources, reduce costs, maximize energy efficiency. In the prevention of self-exposure of laminated glass, from several aspects of improving:

1, ARC does not match:

Recommendations after the glass in the oven, with a marking pen and outer parts corresponding to the distinct mark, avoided two pieces of glass tags to coincide completely. In the glass collection in the course of making reference to this flag to avoid problems in the glass itself.

2, edge-degumming:

In glass packaging and shipping processes, using plastic fabric coated, special laminated glass edges prevent adhesive gum disease phenomenon, caused by exposure to prevent degumming effect is better.

3, boil:

Dissecting film of first of all to take care of, for the opening film, to 24-hour controls temperature and humidity, temperature at 18 ° c 25 c preservation, temperatures around 20%-30_%.


Laminated glassProduction, mainly through the pressure of PVB film clip to the glass to avoid the glass fragment injured people, reinforcing and preventing attacks, and so on. The laminated glass was first used for the car's windshield, along with the manufacturing process advances, the scope of use is also increasing, the manufacturing process is constantly improving. Development of preheater, laminated preheating preloading process has been developed to further enhance the industrialization road of continuously. For laminated glass applications a broad space for development, due to the laminated glass energy-intensive features, so in production, excellence, prone to self-exposure in the process, must be strictly controlled, and the resulting bubbles or faulty products for recycling, and to facilitate the conservation of resources, maximize energy efficiency.
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