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Laminated glass manufacturing process

fanyumaoyi 2017-01-13 09:58:44
  PVB laminated glass used in a wider range, which is the first to be used in industrial glass laminated resin. Glass sandwich manufacturing process, autoclave pressure, this layer is the manufacturing process, which is laminated glass key parts of the manufacturing process. Application of this material until today still occupy an important position in the industry. Laminated glass manufacturing process are: selection, save PVB film, room environment, glass cleaner, slide, preheated preloading operation, autoclave glass technology.
  In the production process,Laminated glassIn the process, preheating preloading technology, glass crafts, glass in the autoclave operation these types of production process, is a difficult process in the production process, analysis and research on these links, is the key to ensure the quality of the laminated glass link. In-depth discussion of this part of the production process.
  1, merging process
  On glass for collection tablets operation Shi, first to select for glass width of PVB film, and to keep film of clean, avoid with hand directly received angle film and glass, will PVB film natural exhibition flat, don't stretch, on align glass of both inside and outside tablets, cannot has uneven sense, to view reserved of logo whether coincide, then resection extra of film, in for cutting operation Shi, to makes blade keep tilt, in collection tablets edge left out 0.5mm~2mm film, to avoid film contraction caused shrink film phenomenon. Well after the film and glass, vacuum rubber band, and look at the seal, in force should be uniform around the glass, and then cold smoked glass make the air in the middle of completely removed, and cold extraction time should not be less than 5min.
  2, preheat the glass pre-press technology
  Glass clip good PVB film, after taking the air, closed well to preheat glass preloading operation. Preheating of the preloading operation equipment there are three, a warming preset voltage, due to its simplicity and low investment, low energy consumption, so is favoured by a number of manufacturers. But the drawback is the low efficiency of preheating pressure Chamber, unable to adapt to industrial production; preheating drive vertical and horizontal presses, both high mechanical efficiency in production, suitable for large-scale production. Difference is, when placed in glass complete your preheated surcharging, placement of glass, one State, one is laid flat. Vertical air Preheat press the glass taking action, little impact on the curvature of the glass. Horizontal air Preheat press the glass taking action, because glass flat, under the influence of its own gravity and vacuum pressure, have an impact on the curvature of the glass. Horizontal pre pre press in more suitable for glass making.
  3, glass in the autoclave process
  Autoclave process is the last step of laminated glass. After preheating preloading of glass, in order to make the PVB film and glass better glued together, but also through constant pressure, can be used. Constant pressure in the autoclave operation, semi-finished products of the first laminated glass bonded together, each slice are isolated, into the autoclave on a dedicated bench, and make it strong, then door closed Kettle, kettle gas under pressure, when reactor pressure reaches around 0.75MPa, and stop the inflatable vessel. This is because the edge of the laminated glass not bond securely, in order to make a glass sandwich under the pressure of space in the middle of overflow, instead of having air enter the mezzanine from the edge. Kettle when the internal temperature reaches 130 degrees, stop heating, and maintain this temperature. At laminated glass has can bonded, on Kettle within for two times pressure, due to glass has reached bonded temperature, so this pressure not makes air into sandwich in the, stay pressure reached 1.2MPa Shi, stop pressure and keep pressure balance, continued after 1h~1.5h yihou, reduced Kettle within of temperature to 50 ℃ Shi, began on Kettle within for exhaust buck, until air completely discharge, opened Kettle door launched glass. Laminated glass production at this point, and finishing touches, that is, glass-by-check, for qualified products, trim. Removed redundant around film; for glass with bubbles and degumming selected patch back into the reactor pressurized heating.
  With the improvement of production, most of the autoclave has the function of automatic control, in practice, according to the characteristics of laminated glass and the actual situation, for processing.
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