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The top ten advantages of the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

Fanyumaoyi www. Chinamirrormanufact 2017-06-20 15:22:31
  Broken Bridge aluminum door and window is the traditional plastic steel doors and windows replacement products, the use of thermal insulation bridge aluminum and insulating glass, with energy-saving, noise, noise, dust, waterproof and other functions. The thermal conductivity k value of the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is below 3w M2 K, which is less than half of the heat dissipation of the ordinary windows and doors, reduces the heating cost by about 30%, the sound insulation is above 29 db, the water tightness, the airtight property is good, all reaches the National A1 Class window standard. The advantages of Aluminum bridge:
  1, the Broken bridge aluminum thermal insulation good. The use of thermal insulation profiles inside and outside the box soft combination, the border with the three-seal form of rubber, close tight, airtight, watertight performance, excellent insulation performance.
  2, broken bridge aluminum to prevent condensation, frosting. The aluminum section of the broken Bridge can realize the three sealing structure of doors and windows, rationally separate the water vapor cavity, successfully realize the pressure balance of the gas and water, improve the watertight and airtight of the doors and windows remarkably, and achieve the effect of the net bright.
  3, the broken bridge aluminum anti-mosquito screen design. Invisible screen, can be installed inside and outside the choice of use, can prevent mosquitoes, flies.
  4, Broken bridge aluminum anti-theft, anti-loosening device. With a unique multi-point hardware lock, to ensure that the windows in the use of stability and safety.
  5, broken bridge aluminum noise insulation. Its structure is carefully designed, the seam is tight, can effectively isolate the noise.
  6, Broken bridge aluminum sand control, wind pressure resistance. The inner frame straight material adopts the hollow design, the resisting wind pressure deformation ability is strong, the anti-vibration effect is good. Can be used for high-rise buildings and residential buildings, large-area windows can be designed, large lighting area; the air tightness of this kind of window is better than any aluminum or plastic window, which can ensure the dust-free area of the indoor window sill and floor.
  7, broken bridge aluminum high strength, no variant, maintenance-free. Broken bridge aluminum form tensile and shear strength and resistance to thermal deformation strength, sturdiness and durability. And not susceptible to acid and alkali erosion, not easy to yellowing fade, almost no maintenance.
  8, aluminum bridge a variety of colors, very decorative.  can achieve the door and window of the indoor and outdoor surface of different colors to meet customer color effect preference, color gamut space aesthetic needs, in line with the architect's personalized design requirements.
  9, the Broken Bridge aluminum open form many, comfortable durable. There is a flat open type, tilting type, on the hanging type, push-pull type, flat open and the combination of the inside and so on, can choose the appropriate form.
  10, the broken bridge aluminum green building materials, recycling economy. Broken Bridge aluminum doors and windows in the production process will not produce harmful materials, all materials can be recycled recycling, is a green building materials environmental protection products.