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"Luoyang Innovation" Helps Thinner Solar Panels

  • Author:fanyu
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2018-03-09
Wang Zong, our equipment passed the user test successfully with excellent performance, and now it has been officially put into production......” In the early morning of the very early morning, Hua Honghai, North China Service Zone Manager of Luoyang Beibo Steel Furnace Furnace Equipment Co., Ltd. who just returned from a business trip in Shanxi, could not wait. Tell the company’s chief engineer, Wang Ming, this exciting news.
tempered glass
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This marks the company's more than three years of research and development of 2.5 mm continuous tempered steel furnace officially put into the market with excellent performance, making solar panels become more light and thin become a reality.
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With the rapid development of domestic photovoltaic industry, tempered glass is widely used in solar panels, mainly used to protect the main body of power generation (such as the battery). In general, the thinner the tempered glass, the better the light transmission and the more conducive to improving the photoelectric conversion efficiency. However, as of now, 3.2mm tempered glass is commonly used in solar panels in China.
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Tempering furnace is equipment for producing tempered glass and wants solar panelsTempered glassTo meet the requirements of 2.5 mm thin, the core is for R&D of glass tempering furnaces. In 2015, Luoyang North Bose Furnace Furnace Equipment Co., Ltd. initiated the research and development of a 2.5 mm continuous tempering furnace.
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According to reports, the thinner glass is, the easier it is to deform. How to make the glass thin and not deformed is a big problem encountered in R&D. There are three important technical indicators of glass, namely, glass stress, bow bending, waveform degree, often an indicator goes up, and the other two indicators have come down and need to continuously debug equipment. After three years of continuous research and development, the company finally achieved a relative balance of the three indicators.
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The tempered glass produced by this equipment is larger in size, 2 meters long and 1 meter wide, and its thickness is only 2.5 millimeters. It is almost as thick as two sheets of A4 paper, and the bow bending is less than 1.5 inches, reaching the international advanced level.
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Particularly worth mentioning is that this set of equipment also realizes continuous production, that is, all aspects of the production operation are carried out at the same time. It can continuously input raw materials and output finished products, and the production efficiency can be improved by 10% to 20% compared with similar products in the market.
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Luoyang North Bose Furnace Furnace Equipment Co., Ltd. is currently the leading enterprise in China that integrates R&D, production and sales of glass tempering furnaces. In recent years, the company has continued to carry out technological innovations and new product developments thanks to years of experience in tempering furnace manufacturing. Not long ago, the world's large-size tempering furnace developed by the company passed pre-acceptance, refreshing the world record of large glass processing equipment in the industry to 20 meters in length and 3.5 meters in width. This year, the company will continue to implement the smart manufacturing strategy and upgrade the three major series of Luoyang Beibo tempering furnaces to further increase market share and technological advancement and firmly lock in the leading position in the industry.