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Multi-provincial issue restrictions or prohibition of the construction of flat glass projects

Fanyu 2018-10-09 10:35:28

In recent years, China’s attention and rectification of environmental protection issues has never stopped, and it has become more and more obvious in the fall. Even during the National Day, the relevant departments still pay close attention to the atmospheric environment problems in different regions. The Ministry of Eco-Environment notified the intensive inspection team of the key areas of the Blue Sky Defence War on the 3rd and 4th to check the gas traps found in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas and the plains. Environmental issues, from the notification situation, there are many problems in the industrial enterprises of the two regions not installing air pollution control facilities or abnormally operating air pollution control facilities.

All localities should establish a dynamic management mechanism for “scattering and pollution” enterprises, further improve the “distributed pollution” enterprise identification standards and rectification requirements, and resolutely put an end to the “distributed pollution” project construction and the banned “scattering and pollution” enterprises from different places and resurgence. Before the end of September 2018, all localities completed a new round of "disintegration and pollution" enterprise inspection work, and implemented the classification and disposal according to the principle of "first stop and then cure". For the closure of the category of banning, it is necessary to achieve "two breaks and three clears" (cut off industrial water, electricity, remove raw materials, products, production equipment); for the integration of relocation, the relevant approval procedures should be handled in accordance with the law; For the transformation of the class, the advanced management of the advanced enterprises shall be implemented, and the relevant departments will sign the trial before they can be put into operation.

Since October 1, 2018, strict implementation of special emission limits for cement and other industries and industrial boilers, and the upgrading of pollution control facilities in key industries. Continue to promote the unorganized emission control of industrial enterprises, and implement closed storage, closed transportation, and system collection under the conditions of safe production license, which will be basically completed by the end of December 2018.

In the winter of 2018, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the surrounding plains are not conducive to the spread of cold air. We will ensure that all measures are put into effect and that air quality cannot rebound. On this basis, it will be steadily improved.

The glass industry is one of the key points in the strict control of environmental protection. In recent times, many provinces have successively issued articles to restrict or even prohibit the construction of flat glass.

flat glass

Sichuan Province revised air pollution prevention and control law to increase penalties for violations

The revised draft proposes to implement regional integrated planning, comprehensive planning and joint prevention and control systems, special emission limits for atmospheric pollutants, more stringent motor vehicle emission standards, and regional restrictions in the key areas of air pollution control designated by Sichuan Province; For cities with concentrated population, scientific planning of urban space and industrial layout shall be implemented, and new construction and expansion of steel, petrochemical, chemical, non-ferrous metal smelting, cement, flat glass, building ceramics and other air pollution construction projects shall be strictly controlled; Enterprises with serious air pollution should gradually relocate, renovate or transform and withdraw from the plan; delineate the city's high-polluted fuel-free zone.

In terms of increasing penalties for violations of laws, the revised draft proposes that the supervisory and administrative departments determined by the local people's governments at or above the county level shall refuse to implement emergency measures such as stop production or limit production, stop earth and stone operations on the construction site or demolition of buildings. A fine of not less than 10,000 yuan but not more than 100,000 yuan.

Heilongjiang Province comprehensively strengthens ecological environment protection and resolutely fights pollution prevention and control

Strengthen the industry's source control. Carry out planning and environmental assessment on key areas, key river basins, key industries and industrial layouts, and adjust and optimize the industrial layout, scale and structure that are not in line with the ecological environment function positioning. We will play a role in planning and planning environmental protection assessment and control, implement differentiated environmental access policies, and strictly control high-energy consumption, high material consumption, high water consumption, low-level redundant construction projects, as well as projects involving risks, heavy loads and other major environmental risks. Standardize the construction of industrial parks, carry out centralized rectification of new districts, industrial parks, high-tech zones, etc., and carry out standard transformation within a time limit. Continue to resolve excess capacity, and strictly prohibit new capacity in industries such as steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, and flat glass. It is necessary to implement equal or reduced replacement for new construction. Accelerate the relocation and reconstruction of heavily polluting enterprises and dangerous chemical enterprises in urban built-up areas and key areas. Before the end of 2018, relevant municipal (prefecture) governments (departments) will formulate special plans and make them public.

Henan issued the "Three-Year Action Plan for Pollution Prevention and Control in Henan Province (2018-2020)"

According to the plan, before the end of October 2018, 7 steel, 73 carbon, 43 cement clinker and 6 flat glass enterprises were encouraged to carry out ultra-low emission transformation. Before the end of 2019, the province's steel, aluminum carbon, cement, glass, coking, electrolytic aluminum strive to complete ultra-low emission transformation.

Improve the entry barrier for coal-fired projects. Strictly implement the national and provincial key coal-consuming industry access regulations. In principle, it is forbidden to build or expand new types of coal, coal, steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement, glass, traditional coal chemical, coking and other eight types of overcapacity. In the traditional industrial projects, the province has banned the addition of chemical industrial parks, and has no longer implemented provincial capacity replacement in industries such as steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum and glass.

Implement heavy-duty enterprises to retreat to the city, accelerate the relocation and resettlement of enterprises with large environmental risks such as heavily polluting enterprises and dense chemicals in urban built-up areas, crowded areas and key river basins, and promote the implementation of a batch of cement, glass, coking, Heavy-duty enterprises such as chemical industry retreat from the city.

Shandong Heze City wins the key task of the blue sky defense war operation plan

It mentioned that it is necessary to strictly control the new production capacity of the “two high” industries. It is strictly forbidden to increase the production capacity of steel, coking, electrolytic aluminum, casting, cement and flat glass; strictly implement the implementation methods of capacity replacement in industries such as steel, cement and flat glass. (The Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Economic and Information Commission take the lead) insisting that “the pollutant emissions will not increase”, and the newly added “two high” industry projects should strictly implement the requirements of “reduce substitution is the principle, equal replacement is the exception”. The implementation of “upper and new pressure”, “upper and lower pressure” and “upper high pressure” will be discontinued once the new project is put into operation.

Accelerate the relocation or closure of heavy polluting enterprises in the built-up areas of Heze City and the county towns, and promote the implementation of a number of heavy-duty enterprises such as cement, flat glass, coking and chemical industry. It is forbidden to build new chemical parks and increase the rectification of existing chemical parks. Clearly delisted enterprises must have a clear timetable and stop production after the deadline.

Since October 1, 2018, strict implementation of special emission limits for cement and other industries and industrial boilers, and the upgrading of pollution control facilities in key industries. Continue to promote the unorganized emission control of industrial enterprises, and implement closed storage, closed transportation, and system collection under the conditions of safe production license, which will be basically completed by the end of December 2018.