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How to judge whether the glass type contains lead

1, look at the logo: lead-free glass generally contains potassium, mostly high-end crafts and has a logo on the outer packaging; and lead-containing g...
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Visit summary--Ashley

fanyumaoyi 2017-03-24 11:56:03
  Recalls this week learning about life and feeling is still very deep, harvest is very profitable.

  Mirror of our company has a professional production lines, advanced equipment, workers ' hard work, hard work. From science and technology workshop I learned about glass production, as well asTempered glassTest items and quality requirements of internal control standards and toughened glass, each detail is very strict. Second workshop is mainly processing: raw-edge-cutting-edge-cleaning-film-boxing, as well as problems of each step in the process, the second workshop I learned the production process of magnifying glass, insulating glass machine is also very advanced in second workshop. From technology three workshop I understand to silver mirror and aluminum mirror line of overall process and processing by need of material, silver mirror: Shang tablets → pre wash → polishing → cleaning → sensitive of → activation → (chloride Palladium) silver → plating copper → drying → got primer → primer drying → got surface paint → surface paint → drying → paint surface curing cooling → mirror cleaning → Xia tablets → test → packaging.

  Silver mirror and aluminum mirror the biggest difference is that the processing of aluminum mirror not silver. This exhibit mirror was very happy to visit century trade, many different types, styles, styles are varied, in General is very tall at, visit our mirror finished product produced by the heart of AWE and pride for them. Finally glad to meet more colleagues on this side of the factory, here a few days where I found there are many needs and learn from them, and thank them for their warm hospitality there are stone the guidance of care.

  Through this of learning, I by first days of stiff, on what things are full with curious, instead gradually adapted has such of life, do things step by step, step by step, training active learning capacity and innovation capacity, must efforts improve itself of integrated quality, yihou must to strengthening English of learning, also has deepened on products of understand, believes only in constantly pursuit perfect of process in the, himself only will became more perfect.
tempered glass
tempered glass