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Selection of shower room five key

fanyumaoyi 2017-01-10 17:03:59
  1, glass
  Glass is divided into ordinary glass, tempered glass, half glass and fullTempered glassFor a while. On the choice of shower glass, to ensure the safety of consumers, must be rigorously applied fully tempered glass. Tempered glass has many differences, first of all, depends on the quality of glass is a glass sheet factory equipment, technology, process, management, and so on. Glass sheet is formed by the Portland smelter if glass chips factory equipment, technology, technology does not pass, the production of raw glass bubble, pinhole, black, white and foggy conditions.
  Low-grade shower room General used of is building class not completely tempered glass so glass purity low, surface exists small pinhole-like of black spots, and steam bubble, shortcomings, permeability rate not high, addition glass of tempered coefficient also is low, tempered not uniform, appreciation also has sharp of pointed angle, each 50x50 of area is less than 40 grain, to left security hidden, so tell Shi with newspaper will glass wipe clean, eye carefully observation will found, low-grade shower room above residues above defects.
  2, aluminum alloy
  Aluminum from bauxite refining is a metallic element aluminum ore the best country in the world is Canada, followed by China and Australia. Many Chinese production base of aluminum ore, such as Guizhou, Shanxi, Gansu, Guizhou aluminum ore is best of the best. Aluminum is used in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China, Guizhou aluminum ingot with Australian aluminium ingots for smelting into---Zhongshan, commonly known as aluminium, Zhongshan aluminum has a high profile in the aluminum industry, which belongs to the industrial-grade aluminum and is a national inspection-free product. In Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong production buildings, made of aluminum, this low price of aluminum ingot processing, appreciation of recycled waste aluminum processing for the second time, have copied al, widely used in doors and Windows above the border, some simple shower room factory in order to reduce the cost for the shower is made of aluminum.
  Compared aluminum material of method: a,, and quality bad of from surface processing to see whether colored poor, and line, and Chlamydia trachomatis; b, and see aluminum material incision whether gloss, whether flat, whether has Burr, good of aluminum material incision parts gloss, and flat, and no Burr, instead is low-grade aluminum material, forced pinch aluminum material will soft; c will whole body of weight hanging in shower room beam Shang proved endurance.
  3, pulley
  Pulleys are push-pull top heavy in the shower room, only reasonable structure, good materials of pulleys, use it to ensure the shower room of life and consumer safety.
  Some luxury shower room with double ladder match v-track design, v-track design is not easy to wear, without clearance, do not shake. Against the shower room along the pulleys used are: a, carbon steel pulley-a pulley is easy to rust, fragile, perishable, wheel bearing parts are black, external packages of white glue. B, zinc alloy pulley-this material is easy to rust, brittle fracture, pulley-friction coated vinyl off. C, copper shaft rubber pulley design-the pulley of the most common, the middle part is yellow brass, holding ball, outside white PVC materials, copper, steel and plastics friction is easy to wear, pulley cracks, dust, easy access to the stuck ball, cause damage to the plastic bag off the pulley.
  4, see the shower room architecture and hardware
  Luxury shower room in the structure's shower room drainage design and function design, as has the wall vertically and horizontally resize function, it can correct deviations caused by cement workers and fitters. High-grade stainless steel shower hardware accessories, stainless steel is 304 hand-polished stainless steel is best.
  Some low-grade shower common problems are as follows: a, 90-degree-wide u-shaped track design designed bottom rail is a u-shaped design, easy to accumulate dust and hair, worn pulleys. B, there is no before and after the adjustment function, can not correct a deviation of cement workers, shower installation does not work, glass under lateral torsion is self, and pulleys are easy to wear. C and all the accessories the use of low-cost aluminum alloy parts and zinc alloy parts, even done with plastic support, not only lack of strength, and is easy to wear, and brittle. D, Burr at the joints in aluminum, not flat, rough as a whole.
  5, tape and seal
  Strip lies in the quality of control of the quality of raw materials and processing technology, currently the best strips in the shower room is PVC tape, this tape that is suitable for cold winter for a hot summer day, weatherability, anti-aging performance exceeds industry standards. Good shower room on the edge of aluminum Strip edged in soft, reduce glass glue can also be a good seal.
  Some low-grade shower retaining strip at the end of the door handle and no good design often appears on water, there is also a shower room factory design door spring hinge, hinge parts need to cut strips, resulting from top to bottom, not a whole article, hinge parts leaking in serious condition. In short, low-grade shower door seal magnetic strip and sealing process is of poor quality, poor transparency, impurities, aged breaks, short life.
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