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Stainless steel glass door broken hurt people?

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-01-10
  Now in the public domain using a wide range of stainless steel glass door seems much more substantial, many consumers have doubts if stainless steel glass door is broken, it will hurt people? Small series below to give you a detailed introduction.
  1. stainless steel glass doorTempered glassWhen broken, the entire piece of glass all broken up into small particles, not easy to hurt. However, once broken, this glass does not prevent impactors through the glass and falling to the ground, if debris is not falling from high places, because of the small pieces of glass without damage, fragments of glass on the bottom of the people and damage to property will be reduced to a minor.
  2. Stainless steel glass door glass broken case will firmly stick on transparent adhesive material without flying or falling. If you use this glass, increase the frame, leading to rupture of shock is a particularly strong case, debris splash but will remain within the framework, and also against the wind and rain in a short time, so that people and objects inside the building was not compromised.
  3. stainless steel glass door half of tempered laminated glass is two pieces of half-half of tempered laminated glass tempered glass by dissection. such fragmentation of glass cases, like annealed glass, glass will break into large pieces. Nevertheless, glass broken glass pieces glue solid transparent adhesive material without flying or falling. Similarly, if the glass has a full frame, the impact is not very strong and caused a rupture, large pieces of debris were less likely to fall.
  4. stainless steel glass door of tempered laminated glass is formed by two pieces of tempered safety glass interlayers tempered laminated safety glass. At the time of fragmentation, glass shattered into obtuse angle small particles. Debris will be firmly glued on the transparent adhesive material, easily hurt. But in the case of two sheets of glass the same fragmentation, possible block of laminated glass fall out of the framework.
  5. by contrast, the float flat glass, heat-strengthened glass (heat strengthened glass), the monolithic wired glass is not safety glass, broken pieces of glass cracks from the strike point extend to the edge, formed of radiating pieces, pieces of sharp, easily hurt.
  On the market mainly four kinds of stainless steel glass door material: tempered glass, laminated glass, semi-tempered and laminated glass, toughened and laminated glass. Laminated glass prices are higher, generally 5 mm thick laminated glass prices at 130 Yuan per square meter and tempered glass is relatively cheap, the same thickness of 5 mm, its price is only 50 Yuan per square meter.
  Through the above described can be seen, tempered glass, laminated glass, semi-tempered laminated glass and tempered laminated glass broken in extreme cases generally do not hurt people, but monolithic heat-strengthened glass, single wired glass, it is easy to hurt people.
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