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Shaanxi Provincial Department of Housing and Construction requires strengthening the safety work of

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-12-10

The reporter was informed that in order to implement the instructions issued by the provincial government of the glass drop event of Crowne Plaza Hotel in Xi'an, the Provincial Housing and Construction Department issued a notice a few days ago to put forward specific requirements for strengthening the safety of glass curtain wall construction.

reflective glass

First, strict implementation of protective measures. Before the construction of the glass curtain wall, the construction enterprise should carefully prepare the construction organization design plan and safety technical measures, carefully organize the safety technology disclosure, strengthen the safety education of the operators, and improve the safety awareness of all personnel. Construction personnel must be safely guarded when entering the site, and strictly abide by safe operating procedures and safety production discipline. A prominent safety sign should be set up at the construction site to prevent pedestrians from entering certain areas.

The second is to strictly enforce the standard specifications. It is necessary to strictly implement the Technical Specification for Glass Curtain Wall Engineering and use materials that comply with the relevant provisions and design requirements of the current national standards to ensure that the glass curtain wall has sufficient load carrying capacity, rigidity, stability and displacement capacity relative to the main structure. During the installation and construction process, safety technical specifications such as high-rise construction, construction machinery use, and on-site temporary electricity use shall be strictly implemented to ensure installation quality and construction safety.

The third is to strictly strengthen supervision and enforcement. The administrative departments of housing and urban construction at all levels shall strengthen supervision and inspection of construction safety, especially to strengthenglassThe safety inspection of the curtain wall construction urges the construction unit to strictly implement the standard specifications and safety technical specifications. If there are any hidden dangers in the inspection, it is necessary to clarify the responsibility and time limit, and urge them to immediately rectify; if there are major hidden dangers, they must be ordered to stop the rectification. After the rectification is completed, the construction can be continued after the re-examination, and the rectification of hidden dangers is not in place. Incompletely, while supervising its serious rectification and eliminating hidden dangers, it is necessary to severely punish the relevant responsible units and individuals in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and record them in bad records.