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The difference between neutral glass glue and acidic glass glue

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2017-12-11
What is neutral glass glue? Neutral Glass glue is a common household adhesive, mainly composed of sodium silicate and acetic acid as well as organic silicone composition, sodium silicate soluble in water, sticky, south also known as Water glass, the North also known as Bubble flower alkali. How long does the neutral glass gum do? And what is the difference between the acidic glass glue? Let's get down to it.
Glass plastic
   How long does the neutral glass gum do?
1, adhesion time: Silicone gel curing process is from the surface to the internal development, the different characteristics of silica gel watch dry time and curing time are not the same, so to repair the surface must be done before the glass sheet dry (acid glue, neutral transparent plastic should generally be within 5-10 minutes, neutral noise glue should be in 30 minutes). If the use of color separation paper to cover a place, after the gelatinize, must be taken before the skin formation.
2, Curing time: Glass gel curing time is increased with the bonding thickness, such as 12mm thickness of the acidic glass, it may take 3-4 days to solidify, but about 24 hours, already has a 3mm of the outer layer has been cured. When glued to glass, metal or most of the wood, at room temperature 72 hours after the 20 lb/inch peel strength. If the use of glass glue in the local part or all closed, then, the curing time is determined by the tight degree of airtight. In an absolutely airtight place, it is possible to remain not cured forever. If you raise the temperature will soften the glass. The gap between metal and metal bonding surfaces should not exceed 25mm. In a variety of bonding occasions, including airtight conditions, bonding equipment before use, should be fully checked the bonding effect. Acidic glass gel in the curing process, because of the volatile acetic acid will produce a taste, this flavor will be in the curing process disappear, cured will be no odor.
   1. Acid Glass Adhesive
Acidic glass sealant suitable for sealing, plugging and prevention of leakage and wind and rain use, indoor and outdoor both appropriate (indoor effect is better), seepage prevention and leakage effect significantly. A variety of interior finishes for bonding cars, including: metals, fabrics and organic fabrics and plastics. Jointing the gaskets on the heating and refrigeration equipment. The metal surface is fitted with a bar, a nameplate and a plastic material with no screw holes. Sealing the window on the oven door, the flue on the gas appliance, the pipe joint and the passageway door. For gear boxes, compressors, pumps to provide instantaneous forming of the leakproof pad. Seal the silo and the window. Seals for trailers, truck cabs, Windows. Bonding and sealing equipment parts. Form anti-wear coating. Inlay and fill thin metal laminated, duct network and equipment casing.
   2. Neutral Glass Glue
Neutral weathering adhesive suitable for all kinds of curtain wall weathering seal, specially recommended for glass curtain wall, aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall, stone dry hanging weather-resistant seals, metal, glass, aluminum, ceramic tile, plexiglass, coated glass joints sealed; concrete, cement, masonry, rock, marble, steel, wood, Anodic treatment of aluminum and painted aluminum surface of the joint seal. There is no need to use primer in most cases.