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What is the advantage of installing a glass door in a new house?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-12-11
   1. Increase Lighting
Since the use of glass material, loaded with glass door to make the home will look more transparent and bright. If there is a window outside or just outside, the glass door is well lighted to achieve the effect of lighting enhancement.
The balcony led to the living room. The living room light is not good, the balcony door can be replaced by glass door to introduce sufficient lighting. At the same time, the balcony and the living room to add a door, winter can keep warm, summer can also heat.
The balcony is also led to the living room. WithGlassThe door to make partition at the same time can also guarantee a good view of the window, do not waste shred green. In order to avoid the glass door embarrassment, the door added the curtains appear privacy some.
Glass door
   2, Save space
   Save the area of the study
The living room after this study area is not small, and is the structure of the room, just entered the study place is the main bedroom door, glass moving door smoothly resolved the room encountered problems.
   Save the area of the Teahouse
Only 60 flat small house, in the living room and balcony between a small space made of mini teahouse and reading corner. The glass moving door separates the space from the exterior, and relieves the oppressive feeling of the cramped.
   Save the kitchen area
Do you want to be a bar and have no place? Try to put a glass door to the kitchen and cleverly place the bar on the side of the door. Glass has a transparent, compared to the bar against the wall to put, so design, eat a good line of sight.
   Save space between separate cloakroom
Even if there is a separate cloakroom, space is not large, if you use a flat door partition, a waste of space, glass door is a good choice. At the same time glass can bring good lighting, will not let the door affect the brightness of space.