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The small details of car glass

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:www. Chinamirrormanufact
  • Release on:2017-06-20
  Generally speaking, the car's front and rear wind and window glass, are the most easily overlooked places, in some traffic accident photos, some vehicles have been hit seriously, most of the windows are intact, the degree of hardness reassuring. But sometimes the car in the life of some negligence, but very easy to cause damage to the window, why so? Because in general, the car's glass does not receive the impact of the object head-on, is not easily damaged. But when hit by an object, it is easy to damage. Relatively speaking, the front windshield is more reliable than the car on both sides of the glass, so currently in the sedan, the front windshield used is safe glass, the advantage of this material is that even if the rupture or even smash, glass can still be maintained as a whole, will not be scattered injury situation. If the two sides of the glass affixed to the qualified explosion-proof film, then there is a certain effect.
  WindowGlassThe damage caused by the impact of hard objects such as stones, the window cracks, at the beginning of these crack points, can be in some professional glass beauty shop repair, but this kind of repair technology for crack area requirements are very high, about one or two centimeters of the broken area can not be repaired, can only choose to replace the glass.
  When driving, both front and rear windshield or on both sides of the window glass, have the opportunity to be some inadvertently damaged objects, so we in the process of using the car should be more careful. In the gravel road, should reduce the speed, with the car in front to maintain a certain safe distance, to prevent the rolling in front of the gravel and other foreign bodies hit the vehicle. At the same time, to avoid driving in the truck or easily scattered objects beside the vehicle, large truck tires, rolled objects hit the car glass is also common, scattered objects of vehicles hit the car glass is a breeze, should try to avoid, in a safe situation in time overtaking.
  In the car, in addition to the necessary objects, the console should be maintained without any items, in the console placed small decorations and car rearview mirror hanging pendant, not only affect the vision of the car, but also the possibility of emergency braking inertia, resulting in the object on the console of the front wind, if the object is heavier or sharper, then the front windshield will be damaged, even in the back row, also noteworthy.
  When parking, valuables must be taken away or placed outside the car can not be seen, so that will not cause the attention of outlaws, to avoid the theft of valuables, windows and damaged damage. At the same time, parking should not be parked under the tree, falling branches and disorderly objects can also cause damage to the windows. It is worth mentioning that the trees around the ants and other insect activities, when the car by insects, and so on, then there will be small insects everywhere in the car, than the window damaged and sad.
  The role of foil is to block ultraviolet rays, blocking part of the heat, of course, there is a sudden burst of glass to prevent the damage caused by the function, so that the film can be broken in the glass to a certain degree of protection of personnel safety in the car, for glass safety has a certain help, but it is not the window safety lock.
  In daily life, driving safety is important, but at the same time do not forget some of the car's small details, window glass is also an important link, when the window glass cracks ignored, long time use will lead to increased cracks, the final rupture completely, affecting driving safety. Proper driving and maintenance is essential and the window glass should not be overlooked.