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What are the advantages of building curtain wall?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:www. glass. com. cn
  • Release on:2017-10-25
Industry news: Building curtain wall has been developing rapidly in China for more than 20 years, and now China has become the world's largest curtain wall market. More than 3,000 curtain wall professional company, each year construction about 10 million square meters of curtain wall and so on. The development is breathtaking, the situation is magnificent. Curtain wall in the field of construction is really wind cirrus, sweeping China, Bao Ju Woo, encompassing the architectural potential. Building curtain wall in the construction of China's big advance, the great trend, is a major achievement of reform and opening up, is the building wall technology a big leap. Where there is a building, where there is a curtain wall, the local north and south things, building regardless of the high and low size, generally 10 of the external protection of the seven or eight is the curtain wall!
Should the developing curtain wall be denied? I said to deny, because development is negative, and affirmation-negation-negation is the development of spiral upward movement. After a big development practice, do not rationally analyze and think about what has happened, deepen the understanding, understand it deeply, and feel it? Building curtain Wall's forward and forward development there is an internal contradiction and struggle, our awareness of the curtain wall movement should also go along with the development. Do we understand the development pattern of the building curtain wall? Can you understand? Can master this development law, this internal contradictions and then actively promote the development of the curtain wall? After 20 years of building curtain wall development, we have accumulated a lot of theoretical understanding? I think our understanding is still behind the curtain wall practice a lot.
Curtain wall Development for 20 years, what is the curtain wall? What's the difference between a glass curtain wall and a window? Why do curtain walls instead of windows? Where is the curtain wall better than the window? These problems seem naïve, but this is the initial problem, and we return to the starting point of things. I am not clear about how architects think of these problems: the first is the requirement of façade appearance of the building, and the façade of the traditional window is different, and requires a large area of the whole surface of the outer surface. The second is the requirement of building daylighting, which requires greater ratio and permeability of window wall. The third is the high-rise, super high-rise buildings or large-scale construction in the construction of the construction of the simplification and industrialization, and further improve and improve the efficiency and speed of construction and so on. As a result of this, the transformation of window to curtain wall is brought, and a series of new system of structure, construction, process and performance of curtain wall is derived. What should be discussed is the fundamental and essential difference between windows and curtain walls? Structurally speaking, the curtain wall is a continuous external guarding system hanging outside the main structure, while the window is a discontinuous external guarding system which is supported within the main structure. The difference between the window and the curtain wall is obvious and easy to distinguish from the three contradictory analysis of the suspension and the support, the main structure and the continuous and discontinuous. When the façade of a building does not require, and is not designed to be a continuous, large, transparent situation, it is not necessary to engage in glass curtain wall. Therefore, the first reflection of the building curtain wall, that is, the window as a rival, as a contrast, is necessary, must. It's likely that the perimeter of the building will also form a window. The development process of a curtain wall, a window or a curtain wall. I do not agree that the specific characteristics of the building is a curtain wall. Should choose the appropriate, worthwhile, is reasonable. Diversity is the natural existence of the world. The exterior guard system with Windows is in fact a composite structure and a combination of construction forms. In the part of the daylighting, such as the vertical window wall, the transverse window sill and so on, as well as the metal material of window frame and casement. The lighting part is glass. In the non lighting part of the structure of stress, heat insulation, insulation, waterproof, sound insulation, fire protection, energy saving and so on, generally better than glass curtain wall and low cost. Because the ratio of window wall is enlarged, the ratio of daylighting to daylighting area is increased, and the window is then enlarged to the curtain wall, then the daylighting part is added and the illumination is weakened. For example, the window wall, window sill with aerated concrete block or strip, its thermal conductivity is only 0.2, and the single chipCoated glassThe k value is only 5.9w/m2k, hollow glass is 2.5, low radiation (10W-E) hollow Glass also only up to 2.0. But not the light aluminum board insulation cotton K value can be reduced but the cost increases a lot. Thus, the performance price ratio (input-output ratio) of the overall external window system should be more reasonable than the curtain wall. Not all construction perimeter systems are advanced and reasonable using curtain wall systems. This is only the second building curtain wall to the problem of self-denial. The price-performance ratio as the evaluation parameters, the use of functional design requirements to achieve the same level, curtain wall and windows at the same time in the construction of the external protection system of the same comparison line, the comparison and selection is reasonable. Unless there is a completely different style requirement in the façade appearance of the building, it is another topic.
The decoration layer of exterior wall of building has many forms, such as spraying paint, art concrete, pasting tile, hanging a layer of metal plate, stone board, Fiber composite Board is also a main form. What is the difference between the exterior wall decoration and the building curtain wall? In the already have concrete wall, brick masonry, aerated concrete block wall, add a layer of decorative function of the plate, belong to the curtain wall? Curtain wall system contains structure, function and adornment function, what kind of curtain wall is simple adornment function? Do you still have to follow all the rules of the curtain wall for this kind of curtain wall? Therefore, curtain walls and exterior wall decorative panels should be distinguished, the latter should be a negative curtain wall. This kind of decorative wallboard is generally non transparent, and its force state and functional requirements are also very different from those usually referred to as the curtain wall. As mentioned above, the relationship between window and curtain wall, decorative wallboard and curtain wall should be discussed and not be confused. When the requirements of the building main body is enlarged window, is the peripheral decoration board, then its curtain wall nature and definition should be negative.
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Any kind of development of things, is not perfect, has its strengths and weaknesses, has its advantages and disadvantages. Only through self-denial, self dissection, overcoming shortcomings, and the possibility of improving, can we seek development in the competition. Any kind of external wall technology, not suitable for all buildings, must adapt to local conditions, due to the engineering system, due to input system appropriate. Therefore, the proposition of the self negation of the building curtain wall is not to negate the curtain wall, but to advance, jump and retreat, but to develop, advance and discard. When the market is full of all kinds of nominal curtain wall external protection, when relying on unreasonable low price, lower grade, sacrificing function to compete for development, sober professionals should be rational suspicion, put forward the negative. Discovering contradictions, facing contradictions, resolving contradictions, is the breakthrough of progress. Simplify process procedures, remove unnecessary extras, and negate non-essential additions. In the accumulation of a certain amount of perceptual knowledge, a negative clean-up, in the negation contains affirmation, in affirmation to discard inertia, to form a new affirmation-negation-negation of the negative cycle, constitute a perceptual to rational repeated deepening of the awareness movement.