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What are the factors to consider when choosing a passive room window?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:www. glass. com. cn
  • Release on:2017-10-25
The first consideration is whether the heat transfer coefficient of the whole window meets the requirements. According to a study by the German Institute of Passive Housing, there is a need for better thermal insulation windows in northern China, while the southern areas can be properly weakened by the thermal insulation of Windows. A Tang window can be simply divided into transparent part and opaque part, the transparent part refers to the glass transparent part of the jurisdiction of the area, the opaque part refers to the frame of the window and the edge of the glass is blocked by the frame body area. The aim of improving the insulation performance of the whole window is to improve the insulation ability of the transparent part and the opaque part respectively. Prof Feist, however, advocates a balanced development of the transparent and opaque parts of the window, so the German passive Housing Institute has put forward a scientific rating method when it authenticates passive windows. It is worth mentioning that the use of a better glass with almost the frame of the practice is not scientific, not recognized, let alone the German Passive Housing Institute passive window certification.
The second is the sealing performance of the whole window, which is also a key indicator. In the acceptance of the passive room, the only field test is the "-n50 test" of the house. This gives a serious challenge to the seal of the window, and generally the sealing of the whole window is higher than the highest level in the state. We know that the sealing principle of the pressure cooker is achieved by pressing a ring seal ring, and the sealing of the window is also the truth. There must be a box fan lap over 6 mm of annular seals through the box fan pressure force to produce sealing effect, here need to pay attention to three points. First, annular seals cannot be interrupted, and if there is a breakpoint then this seal is invalidated. Second, the plastic strip to be clamped in the box fan has lap position, the box fan no lap place to install the rubber to ensure the tightness of the fragile. Third, the hardware lock points should be around the open fan evenly distributed, in general, the distance between the lock point should not exceed 600 mm.
There are many developers in and window factory signed the contract, only pay attention to the hardware brand, and not pay attention to the hardware configuration. This has caused some window factory jerry-building, reduce the extension pole, the steering angle, the middle lock, the lock block the use to reduce the cost the question, the corresponding seal sex also greatly reduces. Therefore, it is very important that only the complete lock point of the hardware should be configured according to European standard.
The last developer in the passive window used in the frame material, insulating glass, hardware configuration are inspected the case, but also to the credibility of the window factory, the ability to complete the integrity of the work to do some homework. Because the domestic promotion of passive room 100% to carry out certification and strict testing, and a large number of customers to visit, the product of any flaw can not escape the eyes of customers. Because of the lack of the production capacity and management level of the window factory, it is very sad that the valuable passive window material is used indiscriminately. Window factory to passive window installation needs of the outer aluminum window sill plate, inside and outside the sealing tape, plug-in installation materials, such as matching the degree of perfection is also one of the focus of investigation.
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To sum up, to choose a good passive window, do a passive window, install a passive window really want to have more than one interrogation, more than one thought, more than a discerning, more than one action.