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What is glass?

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-02-15
  Glass is a common home improvement of materials, with glass production technology has developed more and more different patterns of glass into the market and into people's homes, often heard that frosted glass, frosted glass that is what introduced xiaobian given members a detailed below:
  Frosted glass is?
  Frosted glass is also called matte glass, anti-glare glasses, is made of silicon carbide grinding or chemically treated surface roughness of a translucent glass, which isFrosted glassCommonly known as, for general use in the bathroom above the Windows and doors, glass from other rooms as well.
  Frosted glass features:
  Ground glass surface's roughness, light is reflected through frosted glass shot out in all directions (because the ground-glass surfaces are not smooth surface, light diffuse reflection), a reflection on the retina is not complete, so can't see things behind glass. When stuck Scotch tape on the frosted glass, frosted glass surface becomes smooth, light can be reflected full, therefore, render the complete image on the retina, so eyes and can see objects. In addition, wipe with a damp cloth can see clear frosted glass.
  Benefits of ground-glass:
  1, building atmospheres: frosted glass because the surface roughness of only light and no perspective, this can make indoor light without glare, and can be used when you need to create a gentle atmosphere of places, such as restaurants and so on.
  2, protection of privacy: frosted glass because it is not transparent, so people outside observation room is not, can be used for hidden bathroom and other parts of the window glass, you can better protect your privacy, can also be used for glass ceiling, and so on.
  See here I believe we know about the ground glass is also more, frosted glass used more and more, home mainly in places such as the bathroom, cut off or sliding doors and Windows, Office, meeting room or using more, even the public we often see some shops decorated with frosted glass, but also very nice.
frosted glass