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Pros and cons of insulating glass Windows and doors to identify skills

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-02-15
  Today's building materials market in China due to complex, market disruptions and one empty glass doors and Windows wide category, while the exterior is white plastic bounding box, decorated with glass, but the price is sanliujiudeng, from more than 200 Yuan/square meters up to more than 1000 Yuan/square meter, dazzling. Identify advantages and disadvantages of insulating glass Windows and doors there are a few tips?

  Hollow and very hollow to identify experts, normal insulating glass Windows and doors, the first two pieces of glass with a sealing strip seal, vacuum, and then fill the inert gas. Insulating glass Windows and doors of the structure so that real have good sound and insulation performance. Before and a lot of cheap inferior "hollow" glass doors and Windows is simply glued two pieces of glass together, and without such treatment, and thus no unique kind of sound and heat insulation effect of insulating glass.

  When consumers buy from the following three aspects distinguish between false "hollow" and really blow: first of all,GlassSeal. A few fake insulating glass Windows and doors is two pieces of glass with a black PVC foam adhesive, no sealing effect. Real special sealant for insulating glass Windows and doors is laminated glass ensures absolute seal. Secondly, hollow glass between two sheets of glass with an aluminum insulation, aluminium insulation also have many vent holes, filled with desiccant, can absorb moisture in the air to prevent heated glass doors and Windows after the "Misty" and "insulating" glass does not have these devices. Finally, field testing insulation of doors and Windows. Really very good sound insulation of the insulating glass Windows and doors, and "hollow" sound insulation of doors and Windows is very general. Profiles distinguish the quality of high quality insulating glass Windows and doors using a high quality profile, quality profile looked clean surface is smooth, delicate, smooth, uniform color with no cracks, bubbles; weld without breaking off welding the phenomenon; thickness sufficient hardness, striking the surface with a hammer does not appear rupture. Uneven and inferior color profiles, there are air bubbles impurities, tapping with a hammer will be broken, even by hand strain.

  In addition, the profiles installed in steel also has the difference in quality. Good inch steel thickness 1.2 mm, and inferior profiles using inch steel thickness often enough, there are even black business set in the profile of wood to deceive the consumer, they should pay attention.

  Relatively small differences distinguish the quality of glass glass, bubbles, surface roughness of impurity-free glass for qualified products. Can be viewed from the side of consumers glass, glass smooth, free from chromatic aberration, through the looking glass, no deformation, is a qualified product.

  Hardware distinguished see hardware quality, help to determineInsulating glassThe quality of doors and Windows. Such as hinges, locks and other metal materials, the surface should be treated, such as powder coating, chrome plating, zinc plated or stainless steel. Hinges, to prevent deformation of the door design locks, try to adopt effective anti-theft lock lock.

  Identify the quality of auxiliary plastic insulating glass Windows and doors auxiliary material quality is critical. Auxiliary materials are sealed top and rubber seal, superior quality wool on the length of the hair should be clean, compact, flexible, effective waterproof and dustproof, in between the two tops have a floor, you can extend the life of top. Sealing is also important, high quality rubber surface is smooth, neat edges, flexible, constantly by the hand, let go after basic restoration. Windows and doors use high quality tape for sealing of insulating glass, to ensure good seal for a long time, otherwise, 35 years after the air into the insulated glass Windows and doors, door and window insulation and soundproofing performance will be affected.
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