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What is the role of the building glass film

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-07-13
   1. Thermal insulation
  Heat-insulating membranes can block more than 50% of the sun's radiant heat in hot summers, the room temperature is below 4-6 degrees, the body feels cool is suitable to reduce the air conditioning cost; In the cold winter, the glass membrane effectively reduces the heat transfer of the glass, the indoor heat dissipation is slow, the insulation is equivalent to the 25CM thick brick wall effect, better maintains the indoor temperature.
   2. Blocking Ultraviolet rays
  Ultra-thin film construction of UV blocking rate of more than 99%, to prevent skin melanin deposition caused by long-term ultraviolet radiation caused by skin changes in black, and may even suffer from skin cancer. But also to effectively prevent flooring, carpets, curtains, furniture, artwork and fabrics fade aging.
   3, one-way perspective to protect privacy
  Outside the line of sight, from the inside can see outside, from the outside to see inside, form a one-way perspective, to protect privacy, create private space, the light intake of sound, but also to make the landscape of the window clear, especially in the summer let you live in the space to enjoy seclusion of ease, quiet and
   4. Beautiful Decoration
  High quality, colorful, beautify the appearance, improve decorative taste and taste, to create a harmonious home environment.
   5. Prevent light pollution
  Block the glare of the sun to prevent light pollution.GlassThe membrane helps to correct the inhomogeneity of the light intensity area and the back area temperature, and disperse the glare. Comfortable glare, relieve fatigue, reduce the sun's damage to the eyes.
   6. Noise and noise reduction
  Glass foil can effectively shield electromagnetic waves, reduce harmful radiation, protect your health.
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