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Window soundproofing 6 ways

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-14
  Sleep need is a quiet environment. But now more and more cars on the roads, construction sites and more, accompanying voice is cut and more often kept people awake. Therefore, increased noise function is a very important thing that Windows?: so how to soundproof a window? window noise: what are the methods? the following small make up what are the methods to introduce the Windows sound.
  1, Windows soundproofed method: window insulation film affixed
  Sound insulation membrane for multi-layer structure, composed of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer insulation resin in the middle. Throughout the film with insulation particles are evenly distributed (insulation particles). Structural use of sound film, caught in the middle of the film high performance films with visible light transmission properties, and would not block the visible light transmittance of buildings, maintaining clear lines of sight. Window insulation film is cheaper, film usage and mobile phones.
  2, Windows soundproofed method: install window soundproofing seals
  Soundproofing seals, valid only for poor sealing of Windows, price is very cheap, but be sure not soundproof does Windows gap great cause, or stick is useless. Seal is the cracks in the window block, effect and soundproof cotton.
  3, Windows soundproofed methods: Add a layer of ordinary plastic Windows
  This approach applies to outdoor traffic noise is not a particularly serious situation, wide and the home of the ledge, you can in the original window inside or outside and a layer of ordinary plastic Windows. Plastic window to select a good seal, cavity between two Windows from the best of more than 10 cm. Casement window seal better than sliding Windows, so installation of window Casement Windows is a good choice. This plastic Windows in the cost is relatively low.
  4, window insulation methods: adding a layer of window insulation
  Window insulation is made of two-layer or three-layer texture or glass of different thickness and frame composition of glass, the glass is thicker than ordinary window glass. Window insulation is used by special processing of sound insulation layer, or there are filled with desiccant in the sound insulation layer between aluminum bulkhead, side sealing adhesive composition of glass components; some use the principle of vacuum flask, made of transparent light balanced pressure plate typeGlassMember, filled with sound-absorbing material in the window frame, acoustic absorbing transparent glass, the greatest extent isolate the band noise. However, this soundproofed Windows typically cost 800 Yuan/square meter ~1300 Yuan/sq m, with higher prices for ventilation. When consumers buy, it is best to shop for test reports, see the sound transmission loss of its size to judge. In addition, it and the business contract window insulation to achieve sound results.
  5, Windows soundproofed method: converted into a Windows window insulation
  If the window is not wide enough at home, or adding a layer of soundproofing window performance is not good enough, original window can also be removed and refitted a layer of low frequency sound-proof Windows. Now primarily do soundproofing with double Windows, which can also play a role in certain isolated from traffic noise, but on sound insulation, less than adding a layer of soundproofing window.
  6, Windows soundproof: noise reduction curtains
  Noise curtains in Windows installation of within box beam top with curtains box, curtains box within with curtains volume loaded axis, curtains volume loaded in volume loaded axis Shang and through curtains box bottom of a pass sewing out curtains box, relative Windows of two a side side are respectively the with a curtains of two a side side can respectively in therein sliding of curtains sliding slot, Windows of end of Taiwan Board Shang with a curtains end of slot, curtains box bottom of pass sewing, and two a curtains sliding slot and curtains end of slot of within side are with Groove sealed article, and are in same plane within, Through volume spring and declined pulled cable or rose pulled cable and declined cable of drive, curtains bottom upper and lower mobile, and volume loaded axis pros and cons to rotating and makes volume loaded Yu its Shang of curtains down and received up, such, curtains from curtains box within out Hou, and after curtains sliding slot, and curtains bottom into curtains end of slot, will Windows full closed, to with curtains will Windows full closed and for noise. Using soundproof curtains in some parts such as the cinema, and the effect is not bad.