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Production control of pneumatic insulating glass

Fanyu Https:// 2018-08-02 14:23:44
The production process control concept of the inflated insulating glass is to analyze, diagnose and monitor the operation technology and production process of the production process that affects the quality of the aerated concentration in order to ensure that the process of inflating the insulating glass production is under control. Its role is to systematically arrange the quality control of the production process, focus on the factors directly or indirectly affecting the quality of the process and develop a control plan to ensure the quality of the process. Argon is a colorless, odorless gas whose aeration concentration is not easily measured. The current test methods can be roughly divided into two types:
Insulating Glass

(1) The sensor compares the gas collected from the vent hole with the set gas concentration to determine whether the requirement is met.

(2) The sensor dynamically compares the gas collected by the vent with the set gas concentration and gives a real-time curve of concentration, pressure and flow rate, not only from the concentration but also from the shape of the curve, the actual concentration of the aeration. Compared with the two, the second method is not only a comparison of two values, but a description of the entire inflation process, which is an advanced production control method for real-time monitoring of the inflation process. The quality control of the inflated insulating glass concentration is characterized by ex post facto and belongs to the inspection of unqualified products. The production control of the European insulating glass standard EN1279-6 actually refers to the measurement of the concentration of the inflated insulating glass sheet, which should be understood as the quality control or detection of the product, rather than the true production process control. For the sampling test of the initial concentration of the inflated insulating glass, one piece / 1000 pieces / class, at least 3 pieces, when less than 100 pieces of inflated insulating glass per class, one piece is checked. The argon gas in the aerated insulating glass takes about 6 to 8 hours to completely diffuse. Therefore, the detection of the initial concentration of the argon gas in the hollow glass can be performed after the gas is completely diffused. Therefore, whether it is on-line detection of the concentration of the inflated insulating glass or after 6 to 8 hours of complete diffusion of the inert gas, it can only be judged whether the product is qualified or not. If the result of this sampling test is an overall failure, the discovery of the problem is too late. In summary, the main reason for the low initial concentration of the inflated insulating glass is the turbulence phenomenon that occurs during the aeration process. The significance of the production control of the inflatable insulating glass is to monitor the entire inflation process in real time, thereby effectively avoiding the turbulence phenomenon that may occur during the inflation process of the insulating glass, and improving and ensuring the stability of the aeration quality.