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Type and selection of glass

Fanyumaoyi 2017-05-08 16:22:12
   Characteristics and application of decorative glass

  1. Advanced Silver mirror glass. Advanced Silver mirror Glass, is the use of modern advanced technology, the choice of super float glass as the original film, through sensitization, silver-plated, copper plating, paint protection, such as a series of processes made. It is characterized by pure imaging, high reflectivity, good color restoration, beautiful image, natural, even in humid environment durable, is the replacement of aluminum mirror products, its use is also larger than aluminum mirror products.

  2. Color Printing glass. It is the product of photography, printing and copying technology on glass.

  3. Glazed tempered glass is made of glazed glaze through special process printing on the glass surface, then drying and tempering. The colored glaze is permanently sintered on the glass surface, has the advantages of resisting acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, never fading, safety and high strength, and has the characteristics of reflection and non-perspective.

  4. Stained glass. Stained glass is a widely used high-grade glass varieties. It is a special pigment directly on the glass, or on the glass spray carved into a variety of patterns, coupled with color made, can realistically reproduce the original painting, and the film adhesion, weatherability good, can be scrubbed. According to indoor color needs, the selection of painted glass, painting, color, lighting can be integrated. such as copying landscapes, landscapes, seaside jungle paintings for the gate, Central Hall, the nature of vitality and vitality trim.

  5. Sandblasting Glass. Sandblasting glass includes spray glass and sand carving glass, it is a glass product which is machined horizontally or concave on the glass by automatic horizontal sandblasting machine or vertical sandblasting machine.

   Flat Glass properties and uses

  Flat Glass is a traditional glass product, mainly used for doors and windows, playing a light transmission, wind and insulation. Requirements colorless, and have a better transparency and smooth surface, no defect.

  The thickness of the flat glass is divided into 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, monolithic sizes for 300 mm x900 mm, 400 mm x1600 mm and 600 mm x2200 mm. Its visible light reflectance in 7%%, transmittance between 82%~90%.

   Embossed Glass properties and applications

  Embossed Glass is also known as pattern glass and roller glass, mainly for doors and windows, indoor intervals, bath toilet and so on.

  Embossed glass surface has pattern pattern, can be translucent, but can obscure the sight, namely has the light translucent the characteristic, has the fine adornment effect.

  The perspective of embossing glass varies from distance to pattern. Its perspective can be divided into: almost transparent, visible, slightly transparent, invisible and totally obscured invisible. Its types are divided into: embossing glass, embossed vacuum aluminum glass, three-dimensional embossing glass, color film embossing glass. The thickness is 3 ~ 5 mm. Its specifications are more, divided into rhombus embossing, square embossing. The tread surface toward the inside, can prevent dirt.

   Insulating Glass properties and applications

  Hollow Glass is composed of two-storey or two-storey flat glass. Four week with high strength, high gas dense, sexual compound adhesive, will two pieces of glass or more pieces of sealing strip, glass adhesive sealed, the middle filled with dry gas, box filled with desiccant, to ensure the drying of the air between the glass tablets. Its characteristics, due to the retention of a certain cavity, and have good insulation, insulation, sound insulation performance. Mainly used for heating, air-conditioning, muffler facilities of the outer glass decoration. Its optical properties, thermal conductivity and noise coefficient should conform to national standards.

   Tempered Glass properties and uses

   Tempered GlassAlso known as reinforced glass. It is the use of heated to a certain temperature after the rapid cooling method, or chemical methods for special treatment of glass. Its characteristics are high strength, its flexural strength, impact strength than ordinary flat glass high-5 times. The safety performance is good, has the uniform internal stress, is broken after the reticular cracks. Mainly used for doors and windows, spacing walls and closet doors. Tempered glass is also acid-resistant and alkali-resistant. The general thickness is 2-5 mm. Its size is 400 mm X900 mm, 500 mm X1200 mm.

   Rings characteristics and uses

  Rings nickname Broken Glass. It is the normal flat glass heated to red hot softening state, and then preheat processed wire or wire mesh into the middle of the glass made. Its characteristics are superior fire protection, can shield the flames, high temperature combustion does not burst, breaking will not cause debris injury. In addition there is anti-theft performance, glass cut and barbed wire blocking. Mainly used for roof skylight, balcony window.

   Properties and applications of high performance hollow Glass

  High Performance Hollow Glass In addition to the two layers of glass between the dry air, but also the lateral glass in the middle air layer, coated with a good thermal performance of a special metal film, it can block the sun's ultraviolet rays into the indoor energy. Its characteristics are better energy-saving effect, heat insulation, insulation, improve the indoor environment. The appearance has eight kinds of colors, rich in excellent decorative art value.

   Glass mosaic features and uses

  Glass mosaic is also called glass brick or cellophane leather brick. It is a small size colored decorative glass. General specification for 20 mm x20 mm, 30 mm x30 mm, 40 mm x40 mm. The thickness is 4-6 mm. Small pieces of glass inlay material belonging to various colours. The appearance is colorless, transparent, translucent, with gold, silver spots, patterns, or stripes. The front is glossy smooth and delicate, the back with a more rough groove, so that paste with mortar. The characteristics are: with a gentle tone, simple, elegant, elegant appearance, chemical stability, hot and cold stability and good advantages. And there is no discoloration, dust accumulation, bulk density light, bonded and other characteristics, more used in indoor parts, balcony exterior decoration. Its compressive strength, tensile strength, blooming temperature, water resistance, acid resistance should conform to national standards.

   Laminated Glass properties and applications

   Laminated Glassis a kind of safe glass. It is in two or more tablets between the glass, inlay transparent plastic sheets, and then bonded by hot-pressed flat or curved composite glass products. Its main characteristics are good security, broken, glass fragments are not scattered, can only produce radiant cracks, not injured. Impact strength is better than ordinary flat glass, anti-offender. and has the light, heat, humidity, cold, sound insulation and other special functions. Used to border doors and windows outside. Laminated glass thickness, generally 6-10 mm, specification for 800 mm X1000 mm, 850 mm X1800 mm.
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