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High-speed glass: Four secrets you don't know

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirenufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-06-28
  As a modern mode of transportation, high-speed railway has become a necessity of public life. So when we were on a high-speed rail, did we find that no matter how fast the train was moving, we did not feel dizzy when we leaned against the window to see the beauty of the distant place? When the two cars rendezvous, the pressure is so big, why don't the Windows break? Is the high speed glass used for foreign products or domestic brands? The mystery behind the high speed glass, let's crack it together.

  safety glass 
   Secret: Why look out of the window not dizzy scenery not deformed?
  Good damping performance of the same train with glass refractive index
  The High speed Railway front window glass belongs to the double curved structure, the glass itself has many layers, the layer and the layer maintains the height match, thus does not affect the glass optics effect, looks the thing not to deform. High-speed side window glass visual effect, improve the glass in thickness, flatness of the error, and to achieve the full quality of the glass material components, to ensure that the refractive index of the same, see the scenery will not be deformed, and no glass-like visual effects, looks comfortable, not dazzling.
  and ordinary glass due to the existence of a certain light distortion, through the glass to see the scene will produce deformation, at the same time, for high-speed movement of the scene will produce a superposition of speed, resulting in dazzling, bring dizziness feeling. High-speed EMU train's damping performance is good, the irregular bump reduces, the scenery shakes the small, the movement is very smooth, the quiet, gives the passenger to be slow feeling, the passenger sits for a long time also will not have the dizziness feeling.
   Revelation Two: Will the high speed railway run in the process of encountering small stones can be broken?
  The window can not be urged to withstand an speed of 355 kilometers of aluminum impact!
  The current high-speed train's maximum operating speed of 380 km/h, high speed also means high risk, high-speed trains will be around the air compression, air resistance greatly increased, which makes the train in the process as if through a brick wall, the big resistance can be imagined. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of trains, the most vulnerable windshield of the train must be hard to be urged.
  High-speed glass impact test
  The above video is a shock test of the high speed glass, with 1kg heavy aluminum bullets rushing 355 of kilometers per hour to the glass on the train, although all the ground is broken glass, the window was aluminum shells smashed a big pit, but the glass was not penetrated and off the frame, the window and no glass slag splash, with a strong hand hit the impact site is still very strong.
  High-speed rail has a special focus on the high-speed impact of glass materials, which is also a barrier to the production technology of glass processing enterprises. As an example of the Crh380a EMU, it is required that the front windshield can withstand a 1kg aluminum projectile impacting at a 540km speed and cannot be penetrated. Side window glass requires good visual performance, safe performance, energy-saving performance and environmental protection.
   Three: Why are the windows intact when the two cars rendezvous?
  Side windows have high mechanical strength and impact resistance
  The Chinese standard EMU, which will be put into operation on July 1 this year, is called China's "standard movement", which is a high-speed EMU designed and manufactured by Chinese standards, with full independent intellectual property rights, representing the highest standard of the world's EMU technology, the main vehicle for China's high-speed rail. In the passing test of the Zheng passenger dedicated line, the hourly
  The 420-kilometer rendezvous speed has refreshed the train's high-speed Test record, which is the first time in the world to run a high-speed train passing test on the actual track.
  China Standard EMU
  Such a high intersection speed, the quality of high-speed railway glass is a huge test, highlighting the Chinese standard EMU excellent overall technical level. Why so, because when the two train passing or train into the tunnel, will be between the train, between the train and the tunnel to create a very high wind pressure, will be the intersection of the vehicle side window caused a great impact, there may be broken windows accident. In 2007 years before the speed, the track on the long run is 160 kilometers per hour of the car, two cars at the intersection, there has been an hour 200 kilometers per hour of the handlebar car of 160 kilometers of window glass suction away, the window fell down the accident. Therefore, side windows must also have higher mechanical strength and impact strength. In addition, when the window is damaged by external forces when the rupture, also requires the glass produced debris must form a honeycomb-shaped small obtuse angle particles, the outer glass to achieve no debris stripping, the inner layer of glass intact.
   Revelation Four: Is the high speed glass imported or domestically produced?
  Core technology and products wholly domestic enterprises occupy 90% market share
  Said so many high iron glass magical place, then in the end is the foreign product or domestic independent production, how many Chinese enterprises have mastered the core technology of high-speed glass? These are the topics that netizens are very concerned about.
  The high strength windshield glass used in high-speed trains above $number before 2007 can only be imported from the French Saint-Gobain and the Italian Isoclima, with long delivery cycles and extremely high costs.
  2007, in order to break the international glass monopoly, the organization of technical backbone of the rail transportationSafety GlassTechnical research. And to be used in high-speed trains more than 300 kilometers per hour, Gaotie window glass Three major must solve the problem: first, the glass structure needs to be more optimized. Through the computer-aided control precision molding technology, can meet the Intercity car super-large radian panoramic streamline design needs, to improve the optical properties of glass, the second is the chemical tempering process to have a qualitative breakthrough, which is the key to determine the strength of the front window glass mechanical properties; Third, we should design a computer-controlled heating wire wiring technology, after ohmic heating uniformity to meet the relevant standard requirements.
  Scientific research road is doomed to twists and turns, only continuous scientific and technological innovation, enterprises can go farther, China's high-speed railway can be driven to more countries, China's intellectual building can be realized at an early date.