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Common accidents and precautions in glass production enterprises

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-09-28

Glass production process mainly includes ingredients, melting, forming, annealing and cutting process, which also determines the production process in the glass with high temperature, dangerous chemicals, dust and mechanical equipment continuous high-speed operation of the characteristics, resulting in the glass production process of high-temperature radiation, fire explosions, glass scratches and mechanical damage and other security risks.
   High temperature injury and prevention
   GlassIn the production process, the melting kiln used to melt the glass is a continuous heat-work equipment with a large amount of radiant heat and convection heat, and the furnace temperature can reach 1450~1600℃. The temperature in the workshop is higher, the average temperature in summer is more than 40 ℃, and some workers must operate continuously under high temperature condition. This kind of environment, to the worker's physiology function has the serious harm. And the workers due to illegal operation, such as scalding burns is also an important safety hazards.
To prevent high temperature injury to workers, glass production enterprises should strengthen the natural ventilation workshop, in the design of the plant should be reasonable choice of the location of the workshop and set enough skylights, the layout of the process equipment in the workshop should be considered as a whole. To add salt and moisture to workers at high temperature, such as providing salt-containing beverages, using metal plates and so on to separate heat sources from operating workers. In addition, glass production enterprises should also strengthen and supervise their own protection, in accordance with the relevant norms and the actual situation of the distribution of qualified full set of labor protection supplies, including protective clothing, protective caps, protective glasses and gloves, and strict demands on the correct wearing of workers. At the same time, strict requirements for workers to comply with the relevant operating procedures, clear job responsibilities, take incentives and disincentives to ensure that measures are put in place.
   Dust Damage and prevention
Screening of glass materials, lifting, transportation, weighing and mixing and other operations will produce dust, the production site has batching workshop, material Canga material mouth and so on, workers exposed to these dust, if the protection of improper or not wearing dust masks or dust concentrations in workplaces too high, will occur dust damage, serious can lead to pneumoconiosis.
In order to prevent the harm of dust to human body, must do the following work: The batching production process uses the mechanization, the continuous operation, the disposition corresponding dust removal system, completes the workshop dust removal work, the batching workshop as far as possible arranges in the factory area dominant wind the downwind side, with the material workshop and the melting kiln Indoor structure to minimize the accumulation of dust in the prominent part, multi-storey workshop should prevent the dust-containing air cascade of the isolation measures, the ground should be flat and dense, suitable for flushing and cleaning, timely removal of dust, to meet the requirements of natural ventilation; To choose the material with a grain size greater than 0.05 mm; workers should wear good labor supplies in dust workplaces Regularly check the dust concentration in the air of the workshop and do the physical examination of the workers regularly.
   Fire Explosion and Prevention
Here the fire explosion, mainly because of the glass production process involved in hydrogen, gas, coke oven gas, such as inflammable and explosive substances, the fire hazard of these substances are a class, and the density is less than the air is easy to gather in the building above the fire is very easy to occur combustion explosion accident. In addition, in the early stage of ignition, if not in accordance with the prescribed procedures of ignition, may make the furnace gas or coke oven gas and air mixing ratio to reach the explosion limit, triggering an explosion accident. and pressure vessels, such as overpressure, safety valve failure and other reasons, there is also the danger of physical explosion, the explosion of shock waves and debris will lead to buildings, equipment or human injuries, and can lead to fire and other safety accidents.
To this end, the glass production enterprises in the above material sites to set up gas leakage detection alarm, alarm device In addition to set in the release of the source above, but also in the plant at the highest point gas easy to gather place settings. Gas leak alarm signal should sent to someone on duty control room and on-site operation room, the site fixed installation of gas detection alarm system should use uninterruptible power supply.
Improve the installation of explosion-proof electrical, to prevent static electricity. Hydrogen, gas, coke oven gas fire hazard is a class, with fire and explosion risk, so these gas areas must be equipped with explosion-proof electrical equipment, and its explosion-proof electrical grade must meet the relevant requirements. In the area involved in such gases, to operate workers equipped with anti-static overalls and anti-static shoes, etc., to prevent electrostatic accumulation of ignition gas.
Perfect fire extinguishing facilities. Glass production enterprises should strictly according to the relevant fire code requirements, the correct and reasonable equipped with fire extinguishing facilities, regular testing, do a good job maintenance, to ensure that intact and effective. Once the hydrogen, gas, coke oven gas fires, should immediately cut off the gas source. If the gas source can not be cut off, it is not allowed to extinguish the flames of the leak.
  Glass Scratch and prevention
Glass scratching workers are a kind of safety accident occurred in glass production enterprises, because the Operation personnel safety consciousness is weak, plus the equipment's interchange operation and so on, the safety accident spot more, mainly occurs in the glass board, the finished product transportation, the broken glass processing, the glass finished goods transportation equipment overhaul operation and so on, causes the worker to cut the finger, The occurrence of a safety accident such as a pressure wound arm.
To prevent the accident of glass scratching workers, the emphasis should be on the safety protection of workers. In particular, glass cutting, drawing edge, crushing and other processes, the workers to strictly comply with the requirements of the necessary protection, must not be in this regard map easy, arbitrary reckless, more can not have a fluke psychology. The delivery of semi-finished products, the application of rope binding firmly, strictly prohibited on the forklift station people to help glass, to handle broken glass to wear protective supplies, overhaul equipment to strictly follow the operating norms.
   Mechanical damage and prevention
In the process of glass production, mechanical damage occurs in the feeding machine, belt conveyor, crusher, mixer, drawing machine and other parts, as well as the damage caused by special equipment, such as extrusion, collision, shearing, cutting and other injuries.
There are two main reasons for mechanical damage, one is the safety of the machinery itself, the other is the operation of illegal operation or improper operation. Specific include: the equipment does not regularly check rectification, or the equipment inspection is not serious, found fault did not report in time, improper use of equipment, etc. operation process does not meet the requirements of operating procedures, insufficient training, unauthorized access to restrict access to the area, the maintenance process power wiring does not meet the requirements, maintenance equipment before the use of inspection, On-site equipment line signs hanging improper and so on. In addition, forklift, cranes and other special equipment operations, including speeding, improper storage of keys, equipment before the use of inspection, improper operation of the process, for the occurrence of safety accidents buried hidden.
In order to prevent the mechanical equipment "sick" operation, glass production enterprises to set up a special management personnel, the mechanical equipment on a regular and routine combination of inspection and maintenance, the failure and the need to eliminate equipment, equipment, early arrangements for the renewal plan and replacement. For each special type of job, glass production enterprises to carry out post operating procedures to train, improve the operation of special types of work level, special operators must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State of the special safety training, to obtain the appropriate qualifications, can be the job.
   Strengthening safety management
Glass production enterprises should adhere to the "Safety First, prevention" safety production policy, in the pursuit of economic benefits, but also safety.
Strengthen the day-to-day supervision and management, such as the glass production enterprises before class will be necessary, always remind workers to pay attention to safety, standardize the operation. Do a good routine inspection, found that the safety measures are not in place timely point out rectification, the unsafe behavior of the workers to stop in time.
Strengthen safety education training. Through safety education training, workers are fully aware of the serious consequences of irregularities and paralysis. For some skilled workers, to increase training efforts, strict standard operation, for skilled workers to repeatedly told and supervised, avoid complacency. Only by putting safety in the heart and practicing in the actual action can we truly ensure security.
The workers are urged to standardize their PPE. In the process of glass production, many links have potential safety hazards, such as high temperature, mechanical injury, glass cut, etc., if the PPE wear is not standardized or not worn, it is easy to have serious safety accidents. In addition, enterprises should choose the formal channels to buy qualified products, and according to the requirements of storage, and avoid improper storage to reduce the performance of labor supplies.